When I’m in any SM mall, for whatever my reasons are, I find it difficult to refuse shopping and eating. The mood shifts suddenly when I walk and pass by H&M, Mango, Forever 21, several restaurants and SM Foodcourt showing off food photos outside the store, all trying to pull me to shop and eat. Even if I’ve already eaten lunch, SM Foodcourt is such a temptress, seducing me with all the great finds, may it be snacks, dessert or main savory meals.
If you’re a follower of my blog, you’ve probably seen my journey in SM Foodcourt, discovering comfort food finds one dish at a time. Now, I’m back in SM MOA Foodcourt to search for snacks on-the-go, which I could carry with me as I drool my eyes over window shopping.
Reine is a witness to how I love passing by SM Foodcourt whenever I want to search for snacks I could munch on-the-go. When I was in college while she was in grade school, our budget was limited and it’s SM Foodcourt that saved us for countless times we want to feed ourselves with good food. In this list are some of our favorite snacks on-the-go.

1. Fries, Potato Corner

On top of the list is no other than Potato Corner Fries. Cheese, barbeque, sour cream or sweet corn, we don’t know how to put an end to our addiction to this flavored fries. It’s a sure ball every SM Foodcourt carries a Potato Corner stand. We can rely that SM Foodcourt would rescue us from our Potato Corner cravings.

2. Taco, Red Green Pepper

Crunchy Taco (Php 55)
A mini taco cart from Red Green Pepper approached us on our seats. Now how could you say no to that? It was only P55 for one serving of Crunchy Taco – chilli bean or beef. A mountain of sliced cabbage, tomatoes, beef and generous cheese.

3. Bibingka, Antonio’s

Special Bibingka (Php 103)
It may look impossible to walk around carrying Antonio’s Special Bibingka filled with cheese and salted egg. Well, that’s true. But hey, rather than climbing up to Tagaytay, you wouldn’t want to miss out this stall, which you could find in SM MOA Foodcourt.

4. Shawarma, Turk’s

All Meat Pita Doner (Php 60)
Moving closely to the smell of Turk’s All Meat Pita Doner (shawarma) entices me more and more. An easy grab-and-go snack that leaves you satisfied, your tummy and your taste buds. Always served hot and fresh, a lip-smacking snack that won’t fail you when you’re in SM MOA Foodcourt.

5. Buchi, Chichabog

Buchi (Php 43)
All deep fried and made crunchy a.k.a. chicharon, that’s the specialty of Chichabog. Buchi (chicken crop) for instance exhibited a very crunchy texture without the annoying oiliness, which is usually found in deep-fried snacks. A small bag of Buchi starts at P43, an easy to munch snack you can insert in your handbag as you shop. Don’t forget your wet wipes/tissue if that’s your plan. :p

6. Mini Cheese Tart, Uncle Tetsu

Mini Cheese Tart (Php 49)
I’ve trusted Uncle Testu since I tried their Japanese Cheesecake. New item on the menu, Mini Cheese Tart, is on the lower side of the price meter and can easily slip through my mouth in seconds. Shaped like an egg-tart with similar textures but this one is cheesier with the same creamy interior. Other than Uncle Tetsu’s popular cheesecake, this is another idea to give as a ‘pasalubong’ to your family.

7. Cinnabon Stix 4, Cinnabon

Cinnabon Stix 4 (Php 70)
Less messy and less sweet than typical cinnamon buns from Cinnabon. Cinnabon Stix has a similarity with churros in a paper bag. Although, this doesn’t need a dip anymore. Sweet flavor is already infused to the crisp cinnamon sticks.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location: SM Mall of Asia Foodcourt, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smfoodcourt

Budget: PHP60++