Nowadays, the market is smarter in handling their money. Do you agree? Presented with more information and choices, we have the luxury to pick on where to spend our money especially when we deal with food. From SM Megamall, I now took the challenge to scout interesting comfort food finds in SM Mall of Asia.
Compared to SM Megamall, the crowd in MOA is more diverse in culture and race. Other than the regular shoppers and employees who work nearby, more foreigners and balikbayans frequent MOA for shopping and for dining.
Together with my food buddies O and Reine, we searched for delicacies that won’t pass over our limit. This time, our budget is P150 that will complete a meal of 1 person.
Now here are my top discoveries with a budget of P150:

1. Kimbob

Kimbob (Php 120)
Store: Seoul Bibimbab
A chunk of the famous kimchi and bulgogi put together in rice a roll. Seoul Bibimbab introduces strange combinations to the foodcourt crowd by keeping in mind the general tastebuds of Filipinos, which is sweet with a tolerable level of spiciness. First timers won’t shock themselves. Instead, find each roll pleasing to fill the appetite.

2. Lechon and Sisig Meal

Lechon and Sisig Meal (Php 119)
Store: Belly Bob

To get the best of both worlds, I recommend Lechon and Sisig Meal from Belly Bob. This Cebuano style lechon belly captures the rich aromatic taste of lechon. Lean and not-too-fatty pork meat that needs no sauce or any condiments to bring out the flavors.

The portion of sisig on the other hand contributes to your moment of savoring both pork goodness.

3. Pad Thai

Pad Thai (Php 120)
Store: Moo Moo Thai

Moo Moo Thai is a gem in SM MOA Foodcourt for Thai food lovers. I know Thai food is still not in the mainstream for fast food consumers, unfortunately. But I urge you to try this Pad Thai at least once. Pad Thai served on a red square plate was generous, too much for 1 person. Firm stir-fried noodles with all the necessary ingredients like shrimps, egg, garlic, shallots, peanuts, etc. Take off the shrimps, this is also an option for vegetarians.

4. Chinese Lauriat

Pork Asado Lauriat (Php 139)
Store: Oriental Bowl

If your stomach is grumbling for a party, then you can have your own party in Chinese Lauriat-style meals. Like this Pork Asado Lauriat, in less than P150, you have a serving of pork asado slices, pancit, lumpiang shanghai, siomai, kropek (shrimp crackers), and fried rice. Wow! Now tell me, how can you go wrong with that plate? It has everything!

Honey Chicken Lauriat (Php 99)
Store: Oriental Bowl

A tamer version of Chinese-style lauriat is this Honey Chicken Lauriat with stir-fried vegetables and fried rice. Still a reasonably priced meal for only P99.

Sweet and spicy glazed chicken with chilies and sesame seeds on top.

5. Mexican Wraps

Crunchy Fish Rolls (Php 99)
Store: Red Green Pepper

The Mexican colors of red and green drew me to Red Green Pepper stall, where burritos gives your money’s worth. Try several wraps like this Crunchy Fish Rolls Soft Taco Wrap, Grilled Chicken Cheese Steak Burrito and Grilled Beef Classic Burrito, for only P99 each. Mix and match your wrap and meat filling. Price depends on the type of meat filling you choose. The most expensive is P105, Barbacoa and Chorizo. Still, not bad!

6. Papaitan

Papaitan (Php 130)
Store: Kusina ni Gracia

Take a break from typical Filipino savory dishes and bite into this Ilocano delicacy called Papaitan. Composed of cow or goat innards, sweetness is reduced while bitterness of soup stands out. If you want to fuel that adventurous side of you or challenge a picky eater you know, Papaitan is the way to go!

7. Pizza and Spaghetti

Pizza and Spaghetti (Php 99)
Store: Fat Boy’s Pizza Pasta

Your kids are not out of place in SM MOA’s Foodcourt. While you enjoy other cuisines, Fat Boy’s Pizza and Spaghetti pacifies their taste buds. Both spaghetti and Hawaiian pizza lean on the sweet Filipino side merged with a kick of Italian spice.

8. Sotanghon

Sotanghon (Php 105)
Store: Ted’s

Go with the flow of the metro’s bipolar weather by taking a sip from Ted’s Sotanghon. Bowl filled with vermicelli noodles, liver, beef and other spices to add taste. At Ted’s, Iloilo style batchoy is the known special of the house but you cannot ignore their Sotanghon and other beef soup variants.

9. Healthy Salad

Japanese Salad (Php 150)
Store: Tossed

Healthylicious! For a quick healthy break, Tossed in SM MOA’s Foodcourt is the right choice for you. Hop from one country to another through Tossed’ Asian salads like this Japanese Salad. Composed of house mix greens, nori, egg noodle, carrots, beansprout, yellow mango, cucumber, onion, corn tomato and noodle crunch, with wasabi miso dressing. On top, you also get strips of kani for a more Japanese feel. I figured, it’s one of the best finds in SM MOA’s foodcourt.

Have you tried any of these dishes in SM MOA’s Foodcourt?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: SM Mall of Asia Foodcourt, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Budget: PHP150++