They say, “Seeing is believing.” I say, “Tasting is believing.” I didn’t pay attention to people telling me to drive to the northern side of Quezon City, a.k.a. Fairview for food discoveries until I voluntarily decided to go on an SM Foodcourt foodtrip with O. I think SM Fairview Foodcourt deserves a fair share of my time to see what it has in store for me.
Anyway. If you’re within the area of Fairview, take down notes and read up.
Here’s my 10 Comfort Food List for you to check out.

1. Crispy Dinuguan, Casa Norte

Crispy Dinuguan (Php 139)
Strange to some but comfort food to O and my dad. This Crispy Dinuguan (served with jumbo cup of rice and soup) wins so many hearts of foodies who are into pork meat and innards drowned in pork blood.

2. Grilled Bangus, Inihaw

Grilled Bangus (Php 145)
Inihaw flaunts its good take of Grilled Bangus by maintaining freshness of fish without burning its edges entirely. For those who don’t want to confuse your tastebuds and prefer to stick with classic food, line up for the grilled seafood dishes at Inihaw.

 3. Chinese Lauriat, Chin’s Express

Chin’s Lauriat (Php 139)
You’re sure your money is not put to waste with a fully loaded Chinese Lauriat from Chin’s Express. Two main dishes sweet & sour fish and chili squid with sides of lumpiang shanghai, pancit, siopao and plain rice. I suppose you can’t complain you are still hungry after this meal.

4. Peruvian Chicken, Sizzling Plate

Peruvian Chicken (Php 120)
Still on a high from my Don Andres experience, I took notice of this Peruvian Chicken at Sizzling Plate. The green sauce was missing, which is typical in a Peruvian recipe. But if you are looking for a juicy leg and thigh part with a special gravy-like sauce in different spices, you’re gonna love this sizzling dish. You bet! I finished it!

5. Kebab Rice,  Turks

Kebab Rice (Php 120)
We see Turks in almost all major SM malls but I just can’t walk away from an order of Kebab Rice. Tied up with their all-meat shawarma, this Kebab with rice gets a 3-point shot from me.

6. Pork Sisig, Sisig Hooray Gourmet Express

Pork Sisig Full-Belly Meal (Php 120)
Sisig Hooray Gourmet Express rides up a notch because of its levelled up favorite Pinoy meals. As of now, branch in SM Fairview is the first gourmet style Sisig Hooray I’ve seen. My plate of Pork Sisig is elevated with smoky grilled eggplant and plantains. A full-belly meal indeed!

7. Lechon Paella, S.A.L.O.

Lechon Paella (Php 120)
The best discovery in SM Fairview Foodcourt so far! Lechon Paella from S.A.L.O exceeded the price I paid for. Generous bed of paella rice with crunchy and juicy lechon belly lying on top like a prince. Its paella wasn’t too flavorful, which is appropriate not to overpower the taste of lechon. A must-try!!

8. Grilled Porkchop, Handaan

Grilled Porkchop (Php 120)
A safe choice to fill up your stomach while being romanced by the flavors is this Grilled Porkchop from Handaan. The big serving easily convinces you to take this plate complete with pinakbet and java rice.

9. Tuna Panga, Davao Tuna Grill

Grilled Tuna Panga (Php 150)
All tuna body parts are available at Davao Tuna Grill. If you have a favorite part, you’re certain to find it there. Aside from me, Grilled Tuna Panga with garlic bits is my man’s weakness. Haha! Now, you call that comfort food!

10. Palabok Supreme, Marciana’s

Palabok (Php 63)
At gatherings, palabok is a popular choice to satisfy your guests. Even without the gathering, Marciana’s Palabok guarantees a feast-like experience through their solo-sized special palabok that consoles the tastebuds.
What are your favorite Comfort Food in SM Fairview Foodcourt?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: G/F SM Fairview Foodcourt, Novaliches, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Budget: PHP120++