My exposure to Myeongdong’s Cat Cafe influenced a big part of me to love cats more than loving dogs. Before, I was frightened to touch one, assuming it would scratch me or bite me. Compared to my love for dogs, I’m not afraid to go near, touch or play with any dog I encounter. Not the street dogs but more of my friends’ dogs. My recent encounters with friendly cats, including the cats in Korea somehow turned me into a cat person.
As soon as I heard the news about Bengal Brew, the newly opened cat cafe in Cubao, I asked my fellow cat lovers, Reine and O, if they were interested to visit with me. The two automatically gave me a yes. And there goes our weekend adventure at Bengal Brew.
Bengal Brew is located at the newly developed Manhattan Garden City. Don Michael Perez, owner and director for television and film, found the inspiration to open a bengal cafe from his first bengal cat named Amir. Expect all cats in the tropical rainforest playroom to be all bengal cats – cats that have similar features to a leopard.
Entrance Fee – Php 350 (inclusive of 1 food & drink of your choice and 1 food for the cats)
Before you enter the jungle room, you need to take off your shoes and change into Bengal Brew’s cushiony room slippers. There is a shoe cabinet outside where you could leave your shoes. Also, you will be asked to choose from the menu of food and beverages for your included food & drink.
It is advised for you to sanitize – wash your hands.
We were greeted by Bengal Brew’s smart and cute PR Manager, Rich Perez. For a young girl, she knows how to communicate with her customers and brighten the room with her perky attitude. She made sure we were having a good time as she introduced her favorite bengal cats to us.
If she’s not in school, you’ll most probably see her entertaining customers and playing with the cats.
Know that you are free to bring your little ones, kids who can already walk and talk.
Plastic tumblers are used for your beverages. You can’t count on the cats to be playful with your drinks. To know which one’s yours, tumblers are labeled with your name.
 Pastries you ordered will be sealed in a plastic covered tray. Even if one of the bengal cats push the tray to the floor (which is unlikely), your food will be safely sealed and stored.
Around 18 exotic bengal cats at Bengal Brew came from different parts of the world. Some came from Ukraine, Thailand, Russia and of course some were born in Manila.
You are free to move around the bengal jungle as much as the cats are free to walk near you and play with you. There are no restrictions in carrying, feeding or petting them in your arms as long as you don’t hurt or frighten the cats. Learn from the different behaviors of cats by observing each one of them. Be sure to find Venus, the sweetest among all cats. I met Khaosan, the alpha cat of the house, King, Hari and a bunch of other sturdy and playful cats.
The high-ceiling cat cafe is structured in a way where no foul odor will displease your sense of smell. Deodorizers are automatically sprayed to keep away any unwanted smell.
The bengal cats are like kings and queens with their own catwalk, rocky mountain, pond, waterfall and other obstacle courses that mirrors the wild jungle life in an indoor tropical rainforest room. However, these cats prefer to space out in their own box. Haha!
What do you think of Bengal Brew Cat Cafe?
 Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Location: G/F Manhattan Parkview, Manhattan Garden City, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Budget: PHP350++