Calling all moms and dads, this event is specially crafted just for you.
COUNTERFLOW, the biggest parenting event in the Philippines, is happening this October 24, 2015. 
If you’re a parent, I would assume you’re doubting this invitation coming from a single lady. In fact, I’m not even a parent yet. Who am I to speak right? Well, I may not be the one who attended the previous Counterflow events but my parents did. So, I’m speaking from a position of being the daughter of parents who were seriously blessed by this whole-day seminar. One fact, my parents stand far from perfection. Despite this reality, they exert so much effort to continuously improve their parenting styles, love language and all other aspects of being Christian parents. Other than working together as husband-wife tandem, it is important for them to seek counsel from other parents like attending parenting seminars such as Counterflow. This is their way of being intentional in loving us and being humble enough to admit they also need help from others to be the best parents they can be. As the daughter, I really felt the gradual improvements, which I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. The more they love God, the more their love overflows on me and my sister.
Warning! Attending Counterflow is not an instant solution to become the best parents but it is one way to equip every dad or mom on how to handle challenges in any circumstance in their child’s life.
I’m that confident to be a messenger of this awesome event. As much as possible, I don’t want any parent to miss the great opportunity of learning more and improving more on how to be a better Superdad or Supermom! If your kids are as old as me, in their 20s, it’s not too late. Actually, it doesn’t matter how old your child/children are. There are series of workshops you could choose from, according to your family’s needs. As long as you’re a parent (yes single parents, you’re part of this!), you are welcome to join this grand parenting conference.
Save the date for COUNTERFLOW! This OCTOBER 24, 2015, 9AM-5PM at CCF CENTER Frontera Verde Ortigas Ave. corner C5 Road, Pasig City.
To register, visit this site –
There’s nothing to lose if you attend this one-day event.
Time to step up SUPERMOMS and SUPERDADS!
COUNTERFLOW is not only for you, but mainly for your SUPERFAMILIES! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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