When a human being asks me how was my trip to Guam, I cram for words trying to explain the whole experience in few and straightforward sentences. I end up saying, “So much fun! You should go!” Then after a few minutes, that’s when the talking begins, sharing interesting details of my travel to that person. All the blah, blah, blah. I don’t intend to bore you with too much details but I’ll share with you just enough important data you need to know what’s so amazing with Guam.
Guam is a sweet little Micronesian island not that far away from our home, Philippines. The short distance would probably take you 4 hours. If you haven’t been to Guam, it’s not alright. Seriously (with my poker face.) You need to book a ticket and fly to experience what the island offers.
Well ok, I know you’re not too convinced (just yet). Let me give you a quick run-through why I love Guam – so much!

1. Good FOOD everywhere!

You know I travel for food, right? Anyway. Given that primary fact, I looked forward to our food trips in the island of Guam. Anywhere we went, I’m proud to announce that food placed me in a sunny and bright mood. Actually, I left some room for disappointments. In Guam’s case, the room was vacant and disappointments didn’t try to occupy it. But my tummy, oh it was so full and occupied the whole time! May it be American, Jamaican, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino cuisine, etc., Guamanians proved how well they know the skill of cooking. Especially in the area of barbecues, these Guamanians deserve a loud round of applause for being excellent with their barbecues! I wasn’t surprised to feel a bit heavier when I arrived back to Manila.
Some of the restaurants you have to visit are the following:
Lone Star Steakhouse
Jamaican Grill
Jeff’s Pirates Cove
Manhattan Steakhouse
Chamorro BBQ House
BBQ ribs from Jamaican Grill
Chicken Wings from Jeff’s Pirates Cove
Steak from Manhattan Steakhouse

2. Shopping fever!

Even if you’re not a shopaholic, you’ll turn into one in Guam. Be careful not to burn yourselves (I meant your credit cards) from the shopping fever in Guam. Discounts are everywhere!
My favorite letters are everywhere – S A L E!!
Guam attracts tourists with their premier outlet stores and shopping malls that won’t bother to give you big discounts. My personal favorite is Guam Premier Outlet, where I shopped the most. That’s where you’ll find Ross, Calvin Klein, Nike Sports, Tommy Hilfiger, Forever 21, BCBG, Guess and more more brands.Knowing Ross, American department store, is open until 1 in the morning, my eyes would still be wide awake in the evening for shopping!

3. If you think you’re brave, then Skydive.

The ultimate extreme activity for the brave hearts!! In spite of its nerve-wrecking idea, skydiving felt safe and secured for me. The experience is for the books and I would totally regret if I missed out on jumping off the plane!!
For more details about Skydiving, check out my previous blogpost.

4. Sights a photographer will love

I had a quick collection of beautiful scenery photos from a single trip to Guam. It seems like you can’t blink an eye when you’re exploring the island as you drive down the road with the beach on one side. Just so beautiful! Looking to the left or right, I appreciated nature more by how the Guamanians maintained the clean environment. The blue waters calm as I stare for just a minute.

Other than getting a free pass to see paradise in Guam, I also enjoyed some of these places:
Two Lovers’ Point
Fish Eye Marine Park
Inarajan Natural Pool
The Beach BBQ
Sand Castle

You can save 2 full days to roam around the stunning sights of Guam and learn the rich culture of the island.

5. Breathtaking view of beachfront hotels.

I was blessed to stay in Pacific Star Resort and Spa, a premiere hotel with a tranquil beachfront view. The fact that Guam is also known for their beach, one of the ways to enjoy it fully is to book a room in a hotel that has access to the beach. You could consider staying in the same hotel where I stayed, which is by the way few minutes away from the shopping malls. Or, just make sure you choose a hotel that’s located in Tumon, with a beachfront view of course.
Heads up! Dusit Thani is opening soon, the newest luxury hotel in Guam.

6. Relaxing Environment

Guam is lavish with a stress-free environment. It’s one of the strong characters the island possesses. Where I’m coming from, traffic is scattered in all cities. Sadly, Sundays and holidays are the only exceptions. 🙁 Weekday or weekend, the traffic doesn’t change in Guam. You can reach your destination without worrying about traffic. Isn’t that lovely?

For those on a vacation, renting a car may be your best option. With the relaxed situation, you would want to drive to places at your own pace and own time. Filipinos, the good news for us is that our license allows us to drive for a month.

7. Warm and casual Guamanians

In general, all Guamanians I encountered possessed similar characters of being warm with big smiles on their faces. In sync with their peaceful country, Guamanians reflect pleasing personalities that you won’t be intimidated to approach them. For a short time of experiencing Guam, my amicable interactions with the people left a good mark in my memory.

8. Feels like home with Filipinos around

As rule of thumb, just talk to everyone in English even if you think the cashier lady is Filipino. Not only do they look like Filipinos, a percentage of Guamanians acquire Filipino blood. Not that long ago, some of our ‘kababayans’ have chosen to work and migrate to Guam. For sure, you’ll encounter a bunch as you explore Guam as I did. In few stores I shopped, in restaurants I dined in, in our hotel and in other public places, I stumbled into several Filipinos I had a short chitchat with. I remember one from T Galleria (duty free), she shared with us briefly what a Filipino’s life is in Guam. The best part about her story, she’s living the life! I can’t generalize the life of my other kababayans based on few stories but there is one common sentiment they expressed, Guam is not that far from the Philippines that they could go home easily. In a country where you meet and mingle with fellow Filipinos, that’s when you feel home.

The island of Guam is worth the re-visit. Shouting I love Guam just summarizes the story.
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 Pray, Eat and Love.
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