Look who’s back! The cutesy tiny Minions are taking over McDonald’s! 
Together with McDonald’s, Kevin, Stuart and Bob, the leaders of the pack, worked diligently to make us go bananas over Minions Banana Festival
Happy Meal is made happier with the10 new Minions collectibles await in all McDonald’s stores. As of today, I’ve heard some branches are already running out of stocks for some Minions. If you’re a collector, you better hunt rapidly.
 Kids, I know you’re pulling your mom’s shirt or using your minion-like charm to your parents to take you to McDonald’s now. Moms, dads, uncles and aunts, it’s so hard to say no to the kids huh? Admit it, you find the Minions irresistibly cute that you want to purchase even for yourself. :p
To jam with the Minions’ love for bananas, McDonald’s prepared Minions Combos featuring an array of Minions-themed desserts.
Minions BFF Fries ‘N McFlurry Combo (Php 225)
 There’s no such thing as mood swings for McFlurry cravings. Two new and exciting flavors to discover. The first flavor I tried during one drive-thru evening with O was Banana McFlurry with Oreo, which has an added banana-licious twist to your usual crushed oreo bits. Banana Crumble McFlurry is another interesting mixture with crushed graham and banana flavor blended in creamy vanilla soft serve.
Minions Medium Fries ‘N McFloat Combo (Php 65)
Sweet and refreshing, it’s as simple as that. You get that from the new Honey Banana McFloat.  
Minions Medium Fries ‘N McFlurry Combo (Php 95)
Minions Banana McDip (Php 15)
Taking off the fact that the weather is cooler in Manila nowadays, ice cream will never lose its shape. The new Minions Banana McDip is one quick cold treat to grab. For only Php 15, you could afford to buy yourself a cone. 
Are you collecting all 10 Minions now? Don’t let other kids get them ahead of you. Head over to McDonald’s for this limited-edition menu, before it’s too late!
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