Only a few meters away from our hotel Pacific Star Hotel, it’s easy to notice Jamaican Grill each time we drive out of our hotel. Without the car, we can easily walk towards the establishment.
If you will are staying at Tumon area, you wouldn’t want to miss your chance to dine at Jamaican Grill.
‘Bbqing’ since 1994, Jamaican Grill has been known in Guam for its consistent quality food, quick service and family-oriented ambiance. The cuisine is not strict to Jamaican alone. In fact, Jamaican Grill combined the unique island flavors of Jamaica, Guam and Philippines to come up with their best-selling dishes.
I noticed that Jamaican Grill gives emphasis on their “jerk” seasoning on the menu. After asking question what kind of jerk they are talking about, I found out that Jamaican Jerk Seasoning is the star of Jamaican cuisine, with a deep history dating back to hundreds of years ago. Digging deeper what’s in a jerk, it is the highly spiced combination of scallions, onions, thyme, Jamaican pimento, cinnamon, nutmeg and hot scotch bonnet peppers. Jerk cooking is also called as the authentic way of preparing Jamaican BBQ.

The Food:

“Jerk” Chicken Kelaguen (USD 9.75)
Rate: 4/5
For a long day under the sun, good food is one of those sought awards. My first bite of Jamaican Grill was this Jerk Chicken Kelaguen. Diced Jerk chicken tossed with Jamaican seasoning, onions, chili peppers and fresh lemon. On the side, you get 4 pieces of fried corn tortillas. Heard great words about  this chicken kelaguen as a specialty by the Chamorros in Guam. Maaan, they were all right! This was a refreshing starter at Jamaican Grill!

JG Beef Patties (USD 9.50)
Rate: 5/5
I looooove JG Beef Patties! With all excitement, I could still imagine taking a piece and remembering its rich flavors taking its throne in my mouth. Meat pies packed with sweet and savory Carribean flavors, served with sweet fruit chutney.
Ja-Mango BBQ Ribs (USD 13.95)
Rate: 5/5
Now we’re talking about real “jerk” ribs here! Beautifully done Ja-Mango BBQ Ribs I also enjoyed. Bite-sized jerk ribs simmered with fruity mango BBQ sauce. Even if I could use my fork and knife, I felt like taking my naked hands for a smoky and jerky ride. Truly and surely, you’ll have a happy meal with your family if you choose to take these ribs with you.
“Jerk” Sisig (USD 9.50)
Rate: 4/5
With Filipino chefs in the kitchen, it’s impossible Philippine food influences won’t be part of the menu. Bangus belly “Jerk” Sisig is a version of the well-known pork sisig in the Philippines. Jamaican Grill kept the touch of Jamaica through adding jerk seasoning to flavorize. As a Filipino, I’m familiar with the style and how it should taste like. I wonder what the foreigners think of this recipe? Hmmm…
Ginger Beer Soda (USD 3.95)
Rate: 5/5
Exactly the drink that completes the Jamaican Grill dinner!
Splash Ice Cream Shake (USD 6.50)
Rate: 5/5
A tropical ice cream drink to burn down the calories…Not! Haha!
Forget about counting calories when you’re in Guam. You won’t regret having Splash Ice Cream Shake. There’s no way to say no to all the eye-catching food they have!
Jamaican Grill answers the demand for smoky, zesty and crazy ribs in Guam. Follow the road to Jamaican Grill when you want a slab of their jerky ribs.
What do you think of Jamaican Grill in Guam?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: Carlrose Bldg., 288 Pale San Vitores Rd., Tumon, Guam, USA
Operating Hours: 10:00AM-10:00PM
Budget: USD14++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 9/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.75/10