We, Jilliver, heard some great news! Buy 1 Take 1 on all basic services at any YSA Skin and Body Experts branch.
Since our anniversary is coming very very soon, (Woohoo!) I think it’s just timely to pamper our faces for our anniv celebration and clearly for  the upcoming V Day too. From all basic services of YSA, I chose Facial with Diamond Peel for both of us. I was too excited to bring O with me for our 1st facial treatment together.
At the most convenient YSA branch, Robinsons Galleria, O and I set the appointment days before the Valentine’s weekend. Scheduled for treatment after lunch, O went ahead of me since Kat, YSA skin advisor assigned to me, was still attending another client.


After 20+ years of existing, this was O’s first facial with diamond peel treatment ever. Lucky boy, he didn’t have too much dirt like blackheads and whiteheads on his face, which made his facial treatment faster than the usual.


On my part, this was the 2nd time in my entire life to get a facial treatment. Thanks to my conservative and traditional mom, she regularly convinces me not to rely on facial treatments for maintenance. I totally agree with her. Although, I was really happy with the way my YSA skin advisor gently treated my face. She only removed the necessary dirt, like the usual blackheads and whiteheads sneakily enters my nose. Haha!


Only 45mins to 1hr of facial treatment. The facial treatment didn’t allow me to wash my face with water until the next day. So if you have plans to go out after, better schedule your facial in another day.
You don’t have to be a couple to avail the promo. Bring your mom, sister, friend, or whoever wants to be loved by YSA’s services.
It’s not too late! Better avail YSA Skin & Body Experts Buy 1 Get 1 Promo now!
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