The colors pink, yellow and white strongly connects to my emotions. Its femininity, vibrance and neatness hypnotizes me in liking objects with the colors I mentioned. On the other hand, when I step on outdoor fields and look at my surroundings, the colors green and blue suddenly charms me and change the way I look at things. In other words, nature and beautiful places astonish me. I become instantly in love and attached to places that show off the beauty of our planet.
If you remember from my Seda Hotel post last month, I gave you a mini tour inside Seda Hotel. On my 2nd day of my Nuvali staycation, I woke up early for a walk outside and embraced the beauty of Nuvali’s nature.

Breakfast at Misto, Seda Hotel

Good morning to these puffed pastries and croissants! Quick bites while selecting other dishes to fill my plate.
Pizza bread, soft wraps, fruits and ‘not sugar-free’ cakes to boost the morning energy.
Pinoy must-haves on one side. Crispy danggit, sausage and bacon had quite a number of refills from the kitchen.
Vegetarians has their own nook, the salad table.

The Outdoors

From the hotel, there is a path leading you to the lake area. Remember the view from my hotel room? It’s more fun stepping on the bricks, grass and cement rather than stepping on my room’s carpeted floor while staring from my window.
My thoughts while walking? You gotta stay out of your comfort zone – the hotel bedroom in my case – to see what else life has to offer. Nuvali offered me the beauty of nature. My response was to embrace it fully and be thankful to how God designed our planet marvellously.
All areas are photogenic! I can stand anywhere, take a photo and show off the pretty saturated colors of blue and green. Because of Nuvali’s environment, I’m already thinking of migrating to Sta. Rosa as soon as possible. Hehe.
Stroll the lake as you ride the Water Taxi for only Php30/head (roundtrip). An activity kids of all ages and even you, as adults, might find it fun or better yet, relaxing.
“Dude, where are the cars?” (In Dude Where’s My Car accent)
Nuvali tries to maintain a ‘breath of fresh air’ environment where you won’t have to worry letting your kids play outdoors. The scenery calms a nervous soul and pacifies a distressed mind.
Indeed, Nuvali is a haven for nature lovers and ‘green living’ advocates like me.
I dared to take a photo in the middle of Nuvali’s wide streets. Only after 5 minutes 2-3 cars passed by.
 What’s your experience with Nuvali?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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