How special should Valentine’s Day be?  
Every year, we celebrate certain occasions of all types – birthday, Christmas, thanksgiving, new year’s eve, mother’s day, father’s day and so on. On those said occasions, we celebrate them with our families, friends, relatives and other groups that keep the noises up and loud. Except anniversaries, needless to say, exclusively for him and her. Oh and of course, Valentine’s Day, which is timely to talk about, that specifically puts the limelight on couples. Generally speaking, Valentine’s Day is such a distinct occasion that tells you to go out and celebrate “LOVE” and spread the heart symbols all around you. More importantly, the world is telling us to celebrate the occasion with a partner, which I beg to disagree. I’m not hating the occasion because I celebrate the occasion as well. However, I’m really seeing the evidence of this occasion through people’s emotional posts online. The big V Day matters so much that results to positive and negative effects!
My main point here is, celebrating Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating relationships we cherish. No matter what you have on your dining table, as long as you are with significant people or partner, that saves your V Day. And, surely makes it special.
Forgive me for the long spiel about Valentine’s. I actually just want to share with you our pre-Valentine’s celebration at home with a simple meal. O and I didn’t want to brave the Metro Manila traffic on a Friday the 13th night and chose to stay within our area, my home. As our early dinner treat, we let the big bee, Jollibee, keep us company through its latest product, Glazed Chickenjoy!
Since I met O, I know how much of a Chickenjoy fan he is! Whenever I ask him where we should eat, he’d always answer Jollibee with his joking voice. Apparently, he was serious. I don’t think my man will lose his taste for Jollibee’s Chickenjoy. Given the fanatic he is, I know he will be more excited than me to try Jollibee’s latest chickenjoy variant.
True to what Sarah Geronimo said in her mouthwatering commercial, “Crispy, juicy extraordinarylicious!” Three ‘adjectives’ enough to describe the innovation Jollibee did with their all-time favorite Chickenjoy!
The new Glazed Chickenjoy captures its pinoy market, who still prefers the sweet and savory side of flavors. Glaze is not extra thick, but sticky enough to embrace all parts of the chicken’s skin. Consistently very sweet with minimal hints of spices.
A contrast to original Chickenjoy that can be eaten alone, Glazed Chickenjoy looks dependent on rice due to its flowy and flavorsome glaze. Similar to how we dined at home, unlimited steamed rice from the kitchen paired well with our Chickenjoy!
I think taking Jollibee Glazed Chickenjoy at home with your special one may be one simple, cute and sweet date. If you’re scared of being stuck in traffic, the nearest Jollibee should do the trick.
Going back to the question, “How special should Valentine’s Day be?” One of my Valentine’s Day token for O is an IOU coupon, which I gave earlier. Simple gestures of love, through love notes, waters the plant of our romance. You don’t need to splurge to express your love and appreciation for each other. For me, our simple days and nights of talking and eating together demonstrate our special love for each other. This Valentine’s Day, we keep it simple.
Joy spreading all over us with our Jollibee Glazed Chickenjoy! Hahaha!
Have you tried Jollibee Glazed Chickenjoy?
Share with me your thoughts!
Happy Valentine’s Day foodie! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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