When was the last time you had your facial?
Ask me that question and I’ll give you an answer, “I don’t remember.” Yayks! I’m a lazy lady when it comes to going to the derma or getting a facial. Don’t get me wrong. I do take care of my skin. In fact, I’m addicted to skin care products especially moisturizers. I prefer to keep it simple. Meaning, buy the products I need and take care of my skin at home.
However, recently I’ve been noticing my nose getting unwanted blackheads and whiteheads. Eeeww right? I thought using facial masks or nose masks are enough to remove dirt on my face. I realized, I need help from the experts. I love my skin but I need a partner who could love my skin as much as I do.
Answered prayer… Say hello to my new skin & body care partner, YSA Skin and Body Experts! I’m proud to announce that I was chosen as one of YSA Skin and Body Experts’ Ambassador. (Praise God!)
YSA Skin and Body Experts has been in the business of making people more beautiful for over 20 years. Dr. Isabel Lopez-Nazal, Chief Dermatologist of YSA, has become renowned for her effective products and expertise in the field of skin and body care.
How could I not trust YSA? I guess it’s for me to find out by trying their services.
My YSA love story began when I had my first Facial treatment with them.
Since I was a newbie, they asked me to fill out a form for my record in Robinsons Galleria branch.
YSA Galleria Waiting Area
The cozy and girly seats were comfortable for me to wait for my turn.
I brought with me my personalized YSA body towel and hair band towel. Give me a personalized item and I’ll love you for that! YSA made my heart melt when they handed me over my personalized YSA towels.
 To get ready for my Full Facial Treatment with Diamond Peel, I had to wear my hair band towel to make sure my hair got away from my face.
My skin care advisor asked me to wash my face before we proceed to the treatment.
 I was asked to take a seat for this Rejuvenating Mask to be applied easily. Rejuvenating Mask kept still on my face for around 5-10 minutes.
 Full Facial Treatment includes mask application, facial massage to tone up facial muscles, vacuuming, laser toning, extraction/deep facial cleansing for a fresher, cleaner and smoother skin. 
Right after the mask application, we went inside the treatment room for 10 minutes of lying down with steam fogging around my face. Steam is important to open pores easily. Suctioning of soft tiny dirts on my face and facial massage came next.
This was the part I’ve been waiting for, the pricking and removing of my blackheads. Woohoo!
Laser toning was also necessary to close pores and lightening of redish skin. My skin care advisor moved on to Diamond Peel after our Full Facial Treatment.
For three days, I was asked not to apply anything on my face except washing my face with very mild facial wash. For three days, I told my beloved toner and moisturizer to rest. Felt quite weird changing my regular skin care routine in the morning and before I sleep.
But after three days, I’d say it’s worth the wait!
My face is ‘shoot-ready’! (Will tell you more about this shoot, soon! Hehe.)
Thank you for loving my skin, YSA Skin & Body Experts. 🙂
#YSALovesMeBetter #YSALovesYouBetter
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