2nd Mooncake Dice Game in a row, my energy for rolling the dice was still at its peak.
Together with my foodie friends (KTG), we celebrated the Mooncake Festival no other way than playing the dice game. As you all know what happens in a dice game, it’s about rolling 6 dices and the aim is to get the highest number of 4s also known as “chongguan.”
Before we start our mooncake dice game, I didn’t mind whether I get the highest prize or not. You’ll know why later on. With the number of sponsors and prizes in the house, I already felt like a winner if ever I win any of the prizes lined up.
This post pertains to being grateful to all our sponsors.
From the bottom of my foodie belly and heart, I want to shout a big THANK YOU to our KTG Mooncake Dice Game sponsors!
Chongguan Prize: Makati Shangri-la Mooncake Set (Php 2,088)
Thank you Makati Shangri-la for sponsoring 2 sets of Mooncake boxes for 2 chongguan winners.
Desserts by Pink Wasabi
Pink Wasabi meticulously set up their dessert station, not as prizes but for everyone’s sweet tooth.
Spring by Ha Yuan Frozen Mooncake 
Creative mooncake flavors of Spring by Ha Yuan was a hit. I dissolved the Salted caramel and green tea mooncakes in my tummy as soon as I had them.
Diplahan Lechon’s Crackling Pork Belly
Extra juicy and yummy Diplahan Lechon got every pork eater’s attention.
Pepita’s Stuffed Lechon – Truffle Flavor
The lechon that took my breath away, my favorite Pepita’s Lechon!
Super Suman of Pepita’s Lechon
Jeng brought more snacks to pig out, Lapid’s Chicharon!
Chewy Buns by Orange Whisk
Orange Whisk added to our long table of prizes by giving us boxes of Chewy Buns.

Cupcakes by Kat’s Cafe
I won 3 boxes of Kat’s Cafe cupcakes from the dice game! I felt like organizing a cupcake party the next day with the amount of cupcakes in my fridge.
Choco Lava Cake from Aggy’s Cakes
My favorite prize from the game, Choco Lava Cake from Aggy’s Cakes!!! It’s the bomb! The caramel lake surrounding the chocolate cake wasn’t overwhelming with sweetness. It isn’t just right, it’s absolutely a smashing hit in my home. Winning this cake was a jackpot for me! Until now, I’m craving for that caramel taste from Aggy’s Cakes.
With Rina and Richie
With Sumi, Jeng and Roch
Before we all left, we received gift packs from Jamfoods Angus Tapa!
Every morning is a delight when I see my breakfast ready using Jamfoods products. You have to try their Angus Tapa, it’s a must!
Not only that, Chorizo De Cebu Ph gifted us with one pack each as well! Completely happy with my breakfast take aways!! 🙂
I didn’t win chongguan this year but look, I’ve got more than what I wanted!!! Cupcakes, big round lava cake, cutie stationery toys, snacks, and a lot more!! And O bagged the prize he has been eyeing on the entire game, the Ziplock! Hooray for us, happy kids! 🙂
Have you played the Mooncake Dice Game lately?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout