Will you ever get tired of eating chicken and rice? I won’t.
I have a long list of “favorites” in the world of food. Take me to an ice cream shop, I’ll point to you my favorite flavors. Not just one, not just two, but more, depending on my mood that day. Just so you know, I can’t scrap off my staple love for green tea. Haha! Pull me to the next shop, let’s say a Japanese restaurant, I’ll point out to you my favorite cold plates other than salmon sashimi. Now if you take me to chicken houses, I think I’d say I want to try them all.
The tandem of chicken and rice is obviously well-loved in our country. As Filipinos, we can live eating chicken and rice. In fact, it’s a treat for us! If you ask me, my tummy will not refuse any offer to visit a new chicken house. Not for me. I won’t chicken out for any chicken in town.
Zabo Chicken, one of the newest chicken houses in the metro, bravely launched their branch in Makati early this year 2014. Knowing the market reacts easily to chicken, their main attraction in this restaurant is no other than chicken, and of course, rice. Zabo makes a name for itself for serving Mediterranean-inspired roasted chicken that’s fast, fresh, healthy but not labeled under the category of “fast food.”

The Food:

Zabo Chicken
Quarter (Php 165)
Half (Php 240)
Whole (Php 420)
Rate: 4/5
How else should I start my meal at Zabo? Definitely the original Zabo Chicken tops my first bite at Zabo. A plate of Zabo chicken comes in with 1 cup of Zabo’s signature rice. First impression was, “meh, looks like an ordinary roasted chicken.” Although, that was just a tiny thought in my head. My judgment of ordinary turned my upside down when I tasted the difference from other spiced chicken dishes I’ve tried.
18 spices in that roasted chicken jumped around my taste buds. The garlic flavor was immensely strong, which scared my breath turning into a halitosis mouth for a while. Call it comfort food because it is. When you get a plate of Zabo Chicken, you won’t mind about the science and preparation anymore as it gives you that sense of enjoyment with your chicken and rice. Truly comforting with that Mediterranean zest! I just advice you to bring a handy-dandy mouthwash or mints with you. I tell you, the spices stick like a glue to your breath. Hahaha!
Fact: Zabo Chicken is spiced with turmeric, which helps lower cholesterol level and maintain a healthy heart.
Zabo Chicken In-house Sauces

It’s your call to add more spices and flavors to that 18-spiced roasted chicken through their sauces. Chicken gravy, sweet chili, garlic paste, chili oil or sweet sauce, all up to you. I killed my breath that night. Together with O, we partied with spices as we chose the garlic sauce to bomb our Zabo chicken.

Rice Buffet

What I think you’ll love about Zabo is their Rice Buffet! Add P29 to your rice meal for a filling unlimited rice of 6 different flavors. Pinoys can’t deny the relationship with rice. More rice for a more satisfying meal.

Unlimited Rice (+Php 29)
The plain jane rice is included on the list. I didn’t take a photo anymore since I know you’ll waste a second of your time staring at that plain cup of rice.
Carrot Rice
Tiny bits of carrots diced into this cup of rice. I didn’t think Carrot Rice was the best match for my Zabo chicken meat. Quite boring for me.

Spicy Rice
I think Zabo Chicken complements the spicy rice, next to Zabo’s signature rice.

Garlic Rice
You might not be over your breakfast meal. Then get garlic rice if you wish.

Brown Rice
Healthy options make the best choices if you value your health and obsessed of eating healthy. I love that Zabo included brown rice in their rice buffet.
Zabo Signature Rice
Hands down to their signature rice. Meaning, its purpose to make Zabo chicken’s meat more appetizing was accomplished. You’ll get that Mediterranean spices not only on your chicken but even on your Zabo rice.
Falafel (Php 75)
Rate: 4/5
You think unlimited rice stopped me from eating? Well I thought so. “Pahabol” (additional) Zabo dishes surprised us on our table. And I couldn’t resist them. My belly is trained very well to discover new dishes in one sitting. Haha!
Anyway. I remembered Beni’s Falafel with this falafel from Zabo. Crunchy deep-fried balls made from ground chickpeas. It may not be appreciated well if you’re new to falafel. I suggest that you try it if you have extra Php75 to spend for food.
Hummus (Php 70)
Rate: 2/5
This one’s not a good call to order. Bland and dry pita bread that easily broke. The hummus dip itself didn’t stand out. I’ll head straight to authentic persian or mediterranean restaurants instead.
Zabo Beef Wrap (Php 160)
Rate: 4/5
It’s a wrap. We finished off with Zabo Beef Wrap and couldn’t move right after. Two pieces of heavy beef wraps with swarming meat and aroma of spices.

The Ambiance:

No intimidation on this homey backyard-like space inside SM Jazz Mall. The bright yellowish atmosphere doesn’t only put you in the mood to eat. It sends you a message to sit down, take a break, don’t hurry up to finish your food and feel at home.
I know I had too much for the night, with all the spices hanging out inside my mouth. Yet I can’t leave the glass door without my cup of soft-serve ice cream for Php 25.
So foodie, will you take the chance to try the 18-spiced roasted chicken of Zabo?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: G/F SM Jazz Mall, Nicanor Garcia corner Jupiter St., Bel-Air Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours: 10:00am-10:00pm
Contact: (+632) 842-0513
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZABOChicken
Twitter: @ZABOChicken
Instagram: http://instagram.com/zabochicken
Budget: PHP200++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 8/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.75/10