What is your skin problem? 
There’s an easy answer to that easy question if you know your skin really well. For years, I’ve been battling with dry skin. According to my derma when I was a teenager, asthma is one factor that added to the cause of my dry skin. I couldn’t use regular lotions as seen in commercials. My lotions are usually 5x more expensive than regular lotions. For me, there is no way to escape my skin problem but to treat it. Given my skin situation, finding new effective products for my dry skin is like hitting the jackpot. 
When I was invited to the Physiogel event at Makati Shangri-la, I didn’t know what to expect. All I thought, it was just another regular lotion I could purchase from the counter. Pricey but not worth trying. And so I thought, that was the case.
Before the actual program began, we had the chance to move around the Isabela Ballroom and freely try the Physiogel products displayed around. On our table, sample creams and lotions were unboxed for us to use and see the works of the products. 
Yuki (my co-YSA ambassador) pulled me to the Skin Moisture Test booth. I was surprised, I thought  the result would be ‘very dry.’ From their moisture scale, I didn’t score the highest being moisturized but it was actually in the middle zone connecting the gap between very dry and moisturized. I think it wasn’t bad at all. 
What surprised me more was the moisture test after using Physiogel lotion. I felt my skin becoming softer, smoother and moisturized as it promised. It was the first time I used Physiogel and I was sold out instantly! 
We moved on to the next booth. Everyone’s favorite I suppose, the Photobooth! 
The program started right on time after we finished jumping from one booth to another, the buffet area being the last. Hehe. 
Patty Laurel, with grace and elegance, hosted the Phyisogel Free In My Skin Movement. Right there and then, she announced the new face of Physiogel, another woman to be admired, Patti Grandidge. 
The TV personality and entrepreneur Patti Grandidge spoke to the women of today to become not only better, but become the best version of themselves. I was moved by how she was honest and frank about her real skin problems. Patti admitted to be like one of every two Filipinas who struggled with insecurities because of their dry and sensitive skin. 
“We used to travel a lot when I was younger and getting exposed to different climates took a toll on my skin, making it sensitive, itchy, red and dry. This made me quite insecure, and in the business I am in, it is always about first impressions,” Patti said. 
Patti didn’t stop from being insecure. She had to make a stand and free herself from that insecurity to achieve her goals. After discovering Physiogel, she was amazed with the powerful effects of the products. “Unlike ordinary moisturizers I used before, Physiogel® made my skin less sensitive and dry. My skin became so much softer, smoother and definitely healthier.” 

She added, It’s amazing how one simple change in my skincare has renewed my confidence,” she enthused. “One of the best feelings is when you feel confident, and have control of your life, like I can do anything! And with Physiogel®, I am Free In My skin to do just about anything.”

“Empowering women to be free in their skin,” that’s the motivation we all need. We shouldn’t lock ourselves inside the closet, trying to fight the skin battles alone. Physiogel shows that I am not alone, you are not alone, Patti isn’t alone. As women of today’s generation, we are more empowered to be the best versions of ourselves by marking an X to all the insecurities, most especially to skin insecurities. 
On behalf of Physiogel, Patti encouraged the women in the room to honor the smart, strong & sensitive women in our lives who have all been a source of our inspiration. 
You, yes you, could join this movement as well. 
Think of three smart, strong and sensitive women who made an impact in your life and tag them on a facebook post that looks like this –

“I honor these women who have inspired me to be #FreeInMySkin: @reinebantang @kriszeltorres and MY MOM (who doesn’t use facebook). Cheers to these three smart, strong & sensitive women in my life! Who are yours? #NowPayItForward #PhysiogelPH”

Physiogel® is the only skincare product that has the patented advanced Physiogel BioMimic Technology® that works naturally with your skin to make it less sensitive and dry. Like a jigsaw puzzle, your skin’s natural lipid layers form a matrix, helping to lock the moisture within. This allows Physiogel® to repair dehydrated skin, rehydrate the essential barriers and also revitalize the skin―keeping it healthy from within. Physiogel® is free from perfumes, preservatives or colorants. (Physiogel PR)
Have you thought of the smart, strong and sensitive women to honor?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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