Call me a kid but I love games.
One of the games I enjoy playing now I’m an adult is the yearly Mooncake Dice Game of the Chinese to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. This year, Crystal Jade Dining IN welcomes Mid-Autumn Festival with not simply just a dice game but an accompaniment of special dishes to juice more fun as you play the game.
Together with my foodie friends, Crystal Jade Dining IN made us roll the dices and test our luck for the Mooncake Dice Game they prepared for us.
As Mylene Lim, COO of Crystal Jade says, “The Mid-Autumn Festival, being one of the most important annual Chinese celebrations, is a perfect time for us at Crystal Jade to achieve our goal of bringing people together through the fine art of Chinese cuisine.” 
But before bagging home special prizes prepared by Crystal Jade Dining IN, we fueled our system with energetic dishes from the restaurant’s crystal kitchen.

The Food:

Deep Fried Garoupa Balls with Sweet & Sour Sauce
Rate: 5/5
Incredible crunchy garoupa balls covered with sweet and sour sauce blasted perfectly as a whole. I thought it’s just another sweet and sour dish but it actually elevated my expectations to the next level.
Chinese Master Chefs of Crystal Jade stepped up by creating dishes out of the box. From the typical three-way duck and its usual dishes, Crystal Jade swept us away with their Three-Way Chicken.
Shredded Chicken with Fresh Fruit Salad
Rate: 5/5
First way, a summer affair of Shredded Chicken with Fresh Fruit Salad marches us to what summer tastes like. A refreshing fruit combination with shredded chicken lighten my mood and made me feel at ease. I called this one of my favorites that day.
Jiang Nan Crispy Sliced Chicken Wrapped in Pancake
Rate: 4/5
Next in line, Jiang Nan Crispy Sliced Chicken Wrapped in Pancake is definitely a must-haves if you’re also like me who can’t say no to Peking Duck Wraps.
Poached Chicken with Cordycep Flower and Beancurd Soup
Rate: 4/5
The soup impressed me with its poached chicken bursting with rich flavors from Cordycep flower and beancurd.
Braised Homemade Beancurd with Mushroom
Rate: 4/5
A family of mushrooms entertained with its thick sauce. I have a heart for healthy edible things and tofu is on that list. So I must say it complemented the tasty blend of mushrooms swimming in its thick sauce.
Crystal Jade Fried Rice
Rate: 4/5
The signature fried rice beautified our Mid-Autumn meal. Clearly, once you get a taste of it, the flavorful and appetizing rice justifies as to why it carries the name Crystal Jade.
Set menus are originally priced at Php 5,000 for 4-5 pax and Php 10,000 for 8-9 pax. For this Mid-Autumn Festival, get a discounted price of Php 3,800+ for 4-5 pax and Php 7,800+ for 8-9 pax.

The Game:

The dishes may have been too tempting to keep us sitting down and savor each bite. But we have to stand up, roll our dices and play the phenomenal game of the Chinese, the Mooncake Dice Game!

All eyes on the dices. All eyes to bag a prize!

Everyone jumps for joy when they spot 4 dots on each dice.
Rina proved beginner’s luck is indeed lucky.
For every Php 5,000 minimum, customers gets a chance with a lucky roll of the dice to take home a Php1,000 Crystal Jade Gift Voucher.
*Promo runs until September 30, 2014!
I didn’t bag “chong wan” or the grand prize of the highest “4s” but I still had tons of fun throwing the dices. Bringing home some goodies from Crystal Jade Dining IN is already a blessing to be grateful. In all things, I must give thanks. 🙂

Put in together good food, good company and a lucky good game at Crystal Jade Dining IN.  My first dice game of the year didn’t disappoint at all. To be honest, the mouthwatering dishes prepared was enough for me to leave the place with a big smile. Thank you Crystal Jade for always taking care of us! 🙂

How about you? How well do you roll your dices?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂

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Pray, Eat and Love.
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