A trip to the beach is not only best during the heat of summer days. As long as the sun is up, there are no other objections why you can’t enjoy the beach. In the Philippines, we are known for our astonishing and beautiful beaches. With our 7,100+ islands, beaches are scattered all over. Go to the north, head to the south, swing by the east or west, you’d find water to calm you down. But if you ask most of us, Filipinos, the top of mind beach we think of visiting is Boracay. I can answer “why” by sharing with you my recent out of town trip to the breathtaking island of Boracay.
Boracay has numerous resorts to stay in. You have choices from different stations (1, 2 or 3). For me, station 2 is the most convenient station. Strategically, it is in the middle, which brings you nearer to the restaurants, stores, bars and other famous spots of Boracay. On my last trip to Boracay, I discovered something. Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel, located at Station 2, is actually one of the best options if you are already looking for a resort for your next beach trip.
To go to Boracay, you can either take the straight flight to Caticlan or take the Kalibo trip, which is farther. From Kalibo to Caticlan, it will take more than an hour. We took the straight flight to Caticlan since we were all excited to hit the beach.
A shuttle from Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel picked us up from the airport. Part of our accommodation is a transfer from Caticlan airport to the hotel.
A private speed boat of Mandarin Hotel that transferred us from Caticlan to Boracay island. The guys from Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel showed their hospitality from the beginning. It was a sign of good vibes the moment we landed.
When we arrived, beautiful people of Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel gave us a warm welcome by handing over a glass of fresh Mango juice. Notice the shell necklaces on the picture. It was their gesture of “welcome’ to give each of us these necklaces. The smiles on their faces made us feel most welcome. I felt “at home”.
Now this is what you call “feel at home”. Jumped on our cozy bed inside our Deluxe Family Room. The room was spacious enough with all the things we need – cable television, fridge, toiletries, bathrobes, slippers, mini bar, beverages like water, coffee and tea, electronic safe and internet access for us internet freaks.
The refreshing view from our room’s balcony. 🙂 Feels good to wake up every morning with this kind of view – the beach and the pool.
Toiletries you can use in case you forget to bring your own.
Ater checking in, we all went out for a walk. The objective that afternoon was to look for a place to eat.
D’Mall, Boracay’s very own mall, was pretty near our hotel. We checked out the mall and landed at Ole, Spanish and Mexican restaurant, to take our late lunch.
For the 3 of us, we only ordered 2 dishes:
Beef Burrito (Php 359) – Big enough for the three of us. The taste, the quality, the serving size – value for our money.
Chimichanga was my favorite! We went back to Ole the next night just for this. One serving was generous, filled with shrimps and tomato dressing. I love how it was not overly spiced up but you can taste the crisp and softness of its pita. I’m missing this dish right now!!!
I found out Abi hates Watermelon so I had to make her pose beside it. On the other hand, I’m addicted to drinking Watermelon shake while at the beach. It’s one of the must-have beverages during the hot and sunny days.
 Boracay beach is simply stunning! I’m becoming more proud to be a Filipino when I see beautiful places like Boracay.
Our first afternoon in Boracay was spent mostly on our seats. After Ole, we transferred to Jony’s/Maya’s to relax and enjoy the beach view from our seats. That afternoon, my eyes were set to waiting for the sunset. In the crowded city of Manila, it is something you can’t enjoy there.
How can you explain that beautiful creation God has made? I guess I can say that watching the sunset is…..magnificent. The more I appreciate nature, the more I appreciate the God of our universe. He is definitely the master of art. How great is our God!
This is just Day 1 of my Boracay trip. Watch out for more! 🙂
*Thank you Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel for the warm and sweet welcome! I owe day 1 of my trip to you guys 🙂
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location: Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel, Beachfront, Station 2, Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines

Website: http://www.boracaymandarin.com/
Budget: For room rates, visit http://www.boracaymandarin.com/rates.php
Rate: 9/10