Last May 2, 9 in the morning, I was scheduled for an ultrasound to check the baby’s presentation before I give birth the following week. I was on my 36th week, last stretch before full-term. From that ultrasound, we found out the baby remains to be in breech position; he never moved around. Past ultrasounds showed the baby to be either in breech or transverse position. Due to that, I was an automatic candidate for a Caesarean section delivery. Honestly, it was quite frustrating because I prepared my mind for a normal delivery. I really wanted to experience what it feels like. But I said to myself, “Oh well. At least I get to choose a date.” Haha! After the ultrasound, I was already planning on what date to choose to give birth. However, the doctors at the ultrasound department asked me to head straight to the second floor where the labor and delivery room is for a Non-stress Test (NST), as instructed by my OB Gynecologist.

Based on the ultrasound, we found out that my amniotic fluid was already very low. Plus, from the NST, I was already having several contractions and already at 2cm. Because of those findings, my OB told me that our best choice is to schedule my CS delivery that same day in the afternoon. WHEW! I wasn’t that prepared at all! I really thought I could still choose a date. Lol!

To cut the long story short, on May 2, 2018, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Matthew Sebastian B. Tan or you can simply call him “Seb”.

Meet “Seb”

By God’s grace, Seb is not considered a preemie (pre-mature) baby. If we’re looking at my EDD (estimated due date), I was on my 36th week. But from the baby’s tests, it was found that Seb’s clinical age is already 37 weeks. There is no need for him to be placed in an incubator. Praise God!

Deep inside, I was in tears when I first saw and embraced baby Seb. I couldn’t comprehend right away that this cute human being just came out from my tummy who I was nurturing for about 9 months. Indeed, it is a blessing to see this little bundle of joy come out to the world. Finally, I can touch, cuddle and kiss him. It is another blessing that the first time Seb latched on me, I already had milk to feed him. All by God’s grace!!! I will be sharing more of my breastfeeding journey on Instagram and probably blog about it soon.

During our stay in the hospital, doctor advised us to expose him under the sun to get his dose of Vitamin D.

Even at home, we continued to wake up early and let the sunlight touch his skin.

More than me and my hub, Seb’s grandparents are so thrilled to be with him. In this photo, mom and Seb had a very intimate moment where Seb followed mom’s direction as she sings for him.

Having Seb in our lives, I can only thank God for allowing us to experience this unexplainable joy. What a privilege to become parents, to be entrusted by God to take care of one life!

It is true that when you become a mother, everything will change. And because I want to embrace that change even more, I decided to change my Instagram account – from @thefoodscout to @thefoodscoutmom. New life, new account.

Anyway. I’m about to breastfeed my hungry newborn. I’ll be posting more stories soon!

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