Long weekends could mean one thing for me – chill and relax. Gone are the single days when I think of going out with friends. Gone are the days when I file my vacation leaves (VL) before or after the holiday. With a more flexible yet busier schedule now, I somehow prefer staying in Manila while everybody else are either out of town or out of the country. Imagine, zero traffic on the road. You can hop to different cities without worrying about the hassle of being stuck on the road. Apparently, O’s side of the family didn’t think of leaving the metro for the long weekend as well. And that’s why we thought of doing something with them over the weekend. Besides, it was a good opportunity to spend time with family, so we thought of inviting them over to our home.

McDelivery Night

When inviting people to our home, the most important thing to note is what to feed our guests. I had to keep in mind that aside from O’s siblings, there will be kids coming over. Knowing the kids, chicken and fries could instantly make their appetites happy. As the host, it was my job to make sure both adults and kids will love the food for this relaxing night. Hence, McDonald’s McDelivery was the answer to keep the kids sane the entire night.

The idea was a simple, chill and relaxing night over good food and some movie to entertain. After a few minutes of swimming, the kids went straight to our place and looked for food. Thank goodness food was ready when everyone came up to our home. McDelivery was that speedy, convenient and efficient to bring our food right on time.

The kids positioned themselves at the living area facing the movie screen and grabbed their favorite fries, chicken, burger and spaghetti with them. You can really see their faces lit when they see McDonald’s food in the room. Plus, they were watching Boss Baby so they couldn’t stop giggling as they enjoyed munching their food.

Abbey could finish this BFF Fries all by herself!

What a charming little girl!

Adults aren’t out of place because I ordered everyone’s all-time favorite McDonald’s food like the limited Twister Fries, Big Mac, Double Cheeseburger, Chicken McNuggets, Chicken McDo and Coke McFloat. Bonding over food, movie and non-stop free flowing stories, the chill night was exactly how I imagined it to be.

Weekends with our families don’t always need to be extravagant. As long as everyone’s feeling relaxed with a stress-free mind and well-fed with comfort food, good vibes is just naturally spread throughout the night.

Sure, McDonald’s McDelivery made our long weekend better by the convenience of ordering on the phone or online and having our favorite McDonald’s products delivered right at our doorstep.

What do you think of ordering your McDonald’s McDelivery this weekend?
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