Campaign is over, votes are in. And the winner is M&M’S® RED!!!

Based on M&M’S® Philippines’ official tally as of May 20, M&M’S®Red was the top choice of M&M’S® fans, garnering 10,243 posts or 47% of the total votes. Among all candydates, Red is a tough and brave chief who believes in the importance of rules and being on time. Also, as a leader, Red is quick on his feet and can easily adapt to stressful situations.

2nd place goes to the charismatic and inspirational M&M’S® Green. And 3rd place goes to the friendly, down-to-earth and service-oriented M&M’S® Yellow.

We all think this campaign became successful as it generated 21,762 valid entries, more than 30,000 responses across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Aside from M&M’s Red’s celebration, we should also congratulate 20 voters who won P5,000 each and 50 voters who won M&M’S® merchandise. I hope you’re one of them!

“We’re very happy with the vote participation for the Vote M&M’S® 2016 campaign and we’d like to thank everyone for supporting Red, Yellow and Green as they went around Metro Manila rallying for your votes,” said Henry Azcarraga, Mars Chocolate, Southeast Asia Country Director. “This campaign was not only a lot of fun, which is what M&M’S® is all about, but it was also very timely and a great way for more people to meet and interact with the much loved M&M’S® Characters.”


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