IMG_1181You cannot go wrong with chicken, especially if it is Korean Style or K-Style chicken. Long before BonChon came to our city, foodies like me had a hard time finding restaurants serving K-style chicken in Manila. We had to settle with what were available. Like a flying hero to the rescue, BonChon’s arrival became the talk of the town because of everyone was mesmerized by how Koreans cook their chicken. Aside from its juicy meat, the glazed crunchy skin won our hearts. Today, almost anywhere I go in the metro, it’s so convenient to find BonChon chicken. Indeed, it rescues me for my K-Style chicken cravings.

IMG_1120Before O and I met with our wedding suppliers, we stopped by at BonChon Shaw Blvd. branch for a quick lunch. BonChon is one of the fast food chains we trust. We didn’t want to take a miss on that afternoon date. It was a jam-packed day that our objective was to have our tummies filled. A no brainer for us, we easily decided to choose BonChon for assurance of a satisfying chicken lunch.

The Original Bon Chon Chicken – Soy Garlic Flavor

IMG_1148Whenever there is a new flavor announced, I make it to a point to line up to the nearest BonChon and taste with my BonChon-mate O. But no matter how many flavors come out, my palate doesn’t lose its love for the original soy garlic flavor.

IMG_1150So far in my numerous dining experiences in BonChon, their K-Style chicken remains to be consistent. BonChon’s chicken is always freshly prepared in the kitchen. Once your order is placed, that’s the time the kitchen prepares your K-Style chicken.

IMG_1166Just thinking of the classic taste of Soy Garlic flavor, I’m now starting to salivate. The harmony of crispy skin and light glaze creates the unbeatable crunch, perfect with plain or Seoul Fried Rice. By the way, if you haven’t paired your chicken with BonChon’s Seoul Fried Rice, I insist you try it soon. The sound of crunch is music to my ears, caused by its perfectly thin skin, deliciously non-greasy.

IMG_1179IMG_1191Would you believe O and I finished a basket of BonChon chicken drumsticks? Oh yes we did! And I think we could still eat more. Haha! Told you, we do love BonChon’s K-Style Chicken. It may sound commercial but you know I can’t stop raving about something I really love. Just like my love for O! Naaaks! 🙂

Here’s the new TVC of Bon Chon that will make you #BiteIntoANewBeat.

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