Visa cardholders, I have good news for you. The successful Epic Dining by VISA is back!
To welcome back this successful dining program, I, together with press and Visa partners, was invited to the launch at Hide Yamamoto, City of Dreams.

Epic Dining by VISA
This is the perfect time to dine out with your family or friends if you’re a Visa cardholder. Similar to the program last year, Visa curated a list of restaurants and bars participating at the Epic Dining by VISA program. Last year, the partner restaurants were only limited to Metro Manila. The coverage is bigger now as Visa extends its curated list to Cebu.

The widely successful dining program by Visa is an eight-month program where cardholders could enjoy Visa’s signature VIP treatment, including discounts of up to 30% on meals and bottle purchases and also free entrance to exclusive bars in the metro. At Hide Yamamoto, where the launch was held, you get 15% off on your total bill. It’s easy as presenting your Visa card, you get all these privileges from more than 30 bars and restaurants in Metro Manila and Cebu.

Host Bianca Valerio interviewing Chef Hide Yamamoto and VISA’s Stuart Tomlinson

“Following the successful programs we ran in previous years, we decided to take this year’s program up a notch so our cardholders can enjoy more exciting, exclusive, and quality dining experiences,” said Stuart Tomlinson, Visa Country Manager for the Philippines and Guam.

Hide Yamamoto
Luckily, I was able to enter the hottest restaurant in City of Dreams.
Hide Yamamoto, located at the 2nd floor of City of Dreams, allures Japanese food lovers by bringing a multi-concept restaurant from Marina Bay Sands Singapore to the Philippines. It simply means, Hide Yamamoto restaurant houses four different menus – sushi, teppanyaki, robatayaki and main kitchen menu. Hide Yamamoto restaurant carries the name of the world-renowned award winning chef, none other than Chef Hide Yamamoto. He is a Japanese chef with Italian and French trainings. Before he started his own chain of restaurants, he owes his success from gracing several prestigious kitchens like Jockey Club at Washington’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Roger Verge in Provence. After learning about his credentials, all I could think of is getting my own plate of Hide Yamamoto’s dishes.

Chef Hide Yamamoto demonstrated how to cook 2 of his signature dishes – Young Chicken Stuffed with Truffle Rice Butter and USA Black Angus Beef with Seasonal Vegetables.

Young Chicken Stuffed with Truffle Rice Butter
Chef Hide made grilling steak look so easy with his light and giddy personality. While he was cooking, I was already holding my plate eager to taste the handsome looking USA Black Angus Beef.
USA Black Angus Beef with Seasonal Vegetables
Teppanyaki Station
Assorted Sashimi Plate
Chicken Teriyaki
Prawn Tempura
Sake Station
Epic Dining by VISA is designed to suit the lifestyle needs of its mobile and dynamic clients like you and me. You cannot ignore this exclusive privileges from VISA. Well for me as a foodie, it will be useful!
For a complete list of offers under this program, visit this website.
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