Next to Binondo Chinatown, Banawe is the next best area to visit for your Chinese food cravings. Continuing our Cloverleaf Northern Bite Food Tour organized by the Ayala Land team, here are two iconic Chinese restaurants you won’t regret visiting.
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3rd Stop: Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food
100-A Maria Clara St., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food describes exactly what you should expect, street food on sticks. A very casual and straightforward restaurant, you can order your HK street food on stick at the front counter or while dining inside the old-style restaurant. Other than street food, Eat Fresh serves claypot rice dishes, noodles, and other Chinese specialties.
Street Food on Stick
I wanted to spoil myself by trying a piece of each variant. However, we were only on our 3rd stop, with 3 more stops left. The good thing about it, Eat Fresh has another more convenient branch, in San Juan.
Lobster Balls (Php 38/2pcs.)
Rate: 4/5
Lobster Balls were brought out and you could just imagined everyone’s hands attacking to the plate. I had to rush my shots quickly or I’ll be left empty handed, balls rolling out.
I love eating Lobster Balls with sweet and spicy sauce.
Don’t forget to pair your food on stick, Breaded Scallops for example, with Eat Fresh Coolers, which is also part of their specialties.
4th Stop: Fook Yuen
558 Banawe St., Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
20 years ago, mom and dad used to bring me to Fook Yuen, where mom orders her favorite crab dish. I was still in pre-school back then but I can still remember dining at the 2nd floor of this narrow restaurant. Now I went back to Fook Yuen, I found out that it’s still their mouthwatering crab dishes that keeps the restaurant alive since 1988. Its interiors didn’t change as well, still that old home-like narrow entrance and stairs to the 2nd floor.
Fook Yuen Crab
Rate: 5/5
The must-try Fook Yuen Crab, served in a big bowl of special cream sauce, will get you hooked. Best eaten with rice, even if your crabs vanish in minutes, you might end up eating just the sauce and rice together.
Crab in Salt & Pepper
Rate: 5/5
Seasoned simply with salt and pepper, Fook Yuen expertly cooked their Crab in Salt & Pepper
Oyster Omelette (Php 200)
Rate: 4/5
Coming up next, 2 more Banawe restaurants to finish our Cloverleaf Northern Bite Food Tour!
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