Japanese food is a constant in my ‘cravings bank’. You ask if there is such a thing? In my world, there is. Haha! If you’re a follower of my Instagram account, you probably know that I was in the US for a month. In that trip, I sunk my teeth into American food most of the time – burgers, bagels, steaks, etc. With that, I really missed Asian food, Japanese food particularly. So when I arrived, I figured I should get my Asian fix by satisfying my yearning for Japanese tempura as a start. The most convenient and reasonably priced Japanese place I thought of was Tokyo Tokyo.
During my visit to Tokyo Tokyo BGC, I saw the famous Jelito De Leon. Hello Jelito!

Love for Prawn Tempura

There is no room for debate that Prawn Tempura is a well-loved Japanese dish and we all have fond memories of our first taste of this crunchy and flavorful Japanese seafood staple. My sister, back when she was still in kindergarten, used to be very picky with what she eats. But when she had a taste of the tender yet crunchy texture of prawn tempura, she clung on to that taste and would always request for it. Mom takes the credit of influencing us to love prawn tempura since we were kids.
I believe you’re not an exception. Don’t you also have that love for prawn tempura?
If the answer is ‘YES’, this love we all have for prawn tempura has led to January 7 being celebrated as National Tempura Day. In your head, “Whuutt? There’s such a thing?” Yes, guys. Google it! People from different parts of the world feast on this deep-fried seafood as they satisfy their cravings for prawn tempura.
And here in the Philippines we are celebrating this love with Tokyo Tokyo!

National Tempura Day

Just so you know, Tokyo Tokyo, the #1 Japanese restaurant chain in the Philippines, is bringing National Tempura Day to our country!
All prawn tempura lovers should be ready to line up because Tokyo Tokyo will be launching a nationwide promo where all can enjoy prawn tempura add-ons for 50% off its regular price. Let me repeat, 50% off on your favorite Prawn Tempura! In other words, you can enjoy and fill your appetites with your favorite Prawn Tempura for only Php25 per piece.
I have a strong feeling all Tokyo Tokyo stores will be jam-packed. So you better plan your day right! Oh what a way to start your 2016!
The National Tempura Day 50% off promo applies on prawn tempura add-on and is valid for dine-in only. 
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Mark the important date, January 7, 2016!
What do you think of celebrating National Tempura Day with Tokyo Tokyo?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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 Pray, Eat and Love.
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