Soon, I will tie the knot this 2016. And I’m extremely excited to live another chapter of my life with a new family. To prepare myself for the next phase, I promised myself to be more active in the kitchen. In short, learn more about cooking. Oh you know, I really have to step up my game for my soon-to-be-husband. 🙂 One lesson I learned from my parents, who know their way in the kitchen, is to choose my ingredients wisely. Every ingredient I use matters. Not only for the taste, but for the quality. I take this to heart. So every time I cook something, I only buy trusted brands for my ingredients.
Since there was a vacant time during the holidays, I had time to buy ingredients in the grocery and make Corn & Oats Cereal Milkshake. It’s not summer but the sun is always out here in Manila. Icey cold shakes fit any day in our city. If you’re wondering why this type of shake, I was in the mood for corn and we never run out of oats and cornflakes for breakfast. I figured, an important flavor maker for this recipe is the evap milk I’ll be using. So, while I was shopping for the evaporated milk, I have to choose the brand I trust my Corn & Oats Cereal Milkshake with. And so I picked up a can of Carnation Evap.
If I don’t plan on experimenting or committing errors, I choose trusted brands like Carnation Evap. I welcome new brands introduced in the market but most of the time, you’ll go back to that one brand your family uses for years. In most recipes mom created, like her cheesy baked macaroni and other creamy pastas, I see her use Carnation Evap for assured quality results. I love my mom’s cooking! (Who doesn’t love their mom’s cooking?) And I know I’ll be adapting her style when I become a mom like her. As of now, I’m still learning but practicing. This leads me to sharing with you the simple recipe I did during the holiday season, Corn & Oats Cereal Milkshake.
Corn & Oats Cereal Milkshake Recipe
1 can Carnation Evap
1 can corn kernel
1 pack honey oats cereals
1 tsp. vanilla extract
vanilla ice cream
ice cubes
1. Using a blender, crush ice cubes until it becomes fine.
2. Mix corn kernels, Carnation evap, vanilla extract and vanilla ice cream in the blender. Blend until shake reaches your desired thickness.
3. Layer cornflakes and oats into the bottom of tall glass.
4. Pour milkshake into the glass. Serve immediately.
Now this is the finished product of my Corn & Oats Cereal Milkshake recipe!
Using Carnation Evap for homemade recipes have become a tradition. The product really delivers so I don’t see any reason not to continue using Carnation Evap for more of my homemade recipes with a twist.
 What do you think of Carnation Evap for your homemade recipes?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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