Cookie monsters! Gear up for Scout’s Honor’s newest creations!
Undeniably, Scout’s Honor deserves a medal for being innovative, playful and let’s just say ‘genius’ in the world of cookies here in Manila.
There was an instant connection with me ‘The Food Scout’ and Scout’s Honor from my very first encounter. Other than our names, I knew Scout’s Honor gets my taste. Imagine, they created a Matcha Sesame Cookie, my two favorites in one cookie!? From then on, I became a fan of Chef Miko Aspiras dessert creations. And, I’m all ears to hear what’s new from Chef Miko and partner Kristine Lotilla’s store.

Now here are the cookies you could camp out with the next time you visit Scout’s Honor, inside Hole in the Wall.
Salt & Pepper Cookies
Salt & Pepper Cookies sounds and tastes like cookies for the grown ups. Taking off the ‘sweet’ factor, it could pass as a chewy, buttery yet guilt-free kind of nibbles.
Monster Cookies

Giant, literally monster-sized cookies, chewy and a sure star for all seasons, these Monster Cookie flavors lifts up your drowsy mood. I tried all 4 new flavors, freshly baked from Chef Miko’s oven: Matcha Nutella, Dark Chocolate Cherry Sea Salt, Milk Chocolate Chai & Cashew and Dark Chocolate Cranberry & Walnuts.

I tried, really tried, not to be bias towards matcha. But maaan, I gotta be true and tell you that Matcha + Nutella is a sure winner!
Craft Cookie Milkshakes
Moving on now to Craft Cookie Milkshakes. The standard for milkshakes is now changing, leaning towards the better side. I paused and just stared at how glorious and good looking these milkshakes are.
Don’t hide your weirdness, because you are encouraged not to. At Scout’s Honor, you can be yourself with your Craft Cookie Milkshake creations. The beauty and taste of your milkshake relies on your choices. You have the power to create your own Craft Cookie Milkshake by choosing your craft milk ice cream and cookie to top it off.
They are soooo beautiful! <3
When you’re at Scout’s Honor, you’d wish there is no such thing as diabetes.
What do you think of having a cookie party at Scout’s Honor?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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