Ironic to its name, Hole in the Wall is the main attraction of Century City Mall. Some stores may be functioning without customers entering at certain dead hours while Hole In The Wall runs from day to night packed with Makati professionals and hipsters.
When I first dined at Hole in the Wall, I felt like a lost girl who doesn’t know where to start. I was Alice in Wonderland who was bedazzled by every unique food stall and its offerings. I literally wanted to complete my experience by ordering from every stall.
Initially, it was only O and I who planned a food trip at Hole in the Wall. Then, I later realized it’s more ideal to bring a bunch of foodie friends with you. Hence, I tagged my parents along, who are surprisingly still adventurous with food. 
Foodie, is your big appetite ready? Here’s a short quick trip to a hipster food trip hall.

Kwong’s Provisions

There’s gotta be more than just traditional Chinese food. At Kwong’s, same owner as Ha Yuan and Spring by Ha Yuan, raised the Chinese banner by bringing in staple dishes that’s made westernized. 
Soft-shell Po’boy (Php 255)
Rate: 5/5
Top choice at Hole in the Wall, Soft-shell Po’boy in steamed cuapao. Soft-shell crab battered for a crunchier bite. This cuapao alone will make me run back to Hole in the Wall. 
Salted Egg Chicken Wings (Php 240)
Rate: 4/5
Did I tell you I salivate at anything with salted egg? And let’s add the comfort I find in Chicken Wings. Put them together, I feel like a winner! Salted Egg Chicken Wings has a generous amount of salted egg covering its crispy skin. Tiny solidified salted egg sauce, which you can pick with your fingers and eat. I’m officially going to be a regular at Kwong’s after trying their wings. 
Fried Salted Egg Lava Pao (Php 110)
Rate: 4/5
Mouth-dribbling salted egg dessert slash appetizer to order at Kwong’s. I thought I was finished with the best from Kwong’s but no. This Fried Salted Egg Lava Pao is one more reason to fall in love with Kwong’s! 

Mister Delicious

Artisan smoked and cured meats fashionably dressed at Mister Delicious. All products from Jeremy Slgagle, also known as Mr. Delicious, are hand-crafted from natural and locally sourced ingredients.
Your weekend market crew  might recognize the name. Mister Delicious can now accommodate its regular customers daily, not limited to weekend markets. The name doesn’t deceive based on one dish I’ve tasted from the food stall. 
Classic Corned Beef Reuben (Php 450)
Rate: 4/5
Thick layers of homemade corned beef and sauerkraut, Emmental cheese and Russian dressing on rye. You’ll take a 2nd look at your corned beef sandwich after trying Mister Delicious’ seriously inviting Classic Corned Beef Reuben

Bad Bird

Bad, bad, bad. What have you done to the line Bad Bird? The most lined-up stall at Hole in the Wall is no other than Bad Bird. Umami-spiced fried chicken gets every Hole in the Wall customer, including mine.

Dirty Rice Plate (Php 300)
Bad Bird changes the way you treat your fried chicken. Umami drained luscious chicken hit my heart. For a phenomenal food trip, choose Dirty Rice Plate, one of the reasons of long queues which includes 2 substantial cuts of fried chicken. Get to choose the spice level you can tolerate – safe, spicy or chemical. Fully loaded plate of dirty fried rice with bacon, chicken live, tamago bonito flakes and a bowl of kimchi. 
Corn and Coleslaw Plate (Php 330)
Rate: 4/5
Don’t make a mistake by not trying the Corn on a stick with Kewpie, cheese, bonito flakes, togarashi and kimchi coleslaw. 

Liberation Shawarma

Beef Shawarma (Php 260)
Rate: 3/5
A twist of Shawarma flavors at Liberation Shawarma by Chef JP Anglo of Sarsa. Pungent spices fused my Beef Shawarma order. Comparing it side by side with other dishes from Hole in the Wall lying on the table, I have to be frank this is my least favorite. The spices are unique but too sharp and strong for me. 


Spruce didn’t mind standing beside uniquely flavored food stalls by being unique on its own. The only healthy stall at Hole in the Wall promotes healthy living by not sacrificing its taste. 
Apple of my Eye and Lady Luck (Php 250/bottle)
Rate: 4/5
Pretty expensive for a drink. But it’s worth the price if you find out Spruce sells all-natural fresh cold-pressed beverages, no preservatives and sweeteners involved, only 100% pulp-free juice.
Apple of my Eye is the sweetest of them all, pure apple and lemon. While Lady Luck mixed carrot, orange, pear, pineapple, beet, lemon and ginger to bring you good healthy luck. 

Scout’s Honor

I’ve discovered my go-to cookie store in Manila. The Food Scout meets Scout’s Honor. The first craft cookie shop in Manila, headed by the talented Chef Miko Aspiras of Magnum, has a potion that whenever you look at their cookie displays, you can’t help but get one for yourself. 
Matcha Sesame (Php 95)
Rate: 5/5
I almost started my Hole in the Wall food trip with their eye-catching Matcha Sesame cookie, which I consider my number one favorite cookie as of today. Green tea cookie sandwiching roasted black sesame creme and milk chocolate chips. Truly a heavenly treat! I’m a self-confessed matcha addict and out of all matcha cookies I’ve tried, this is so far the best! If you want to impress me, please send me a dozen of these Matcha Sesame cookies. Pleaaase! 
Make Your Own Cookie
Rate: 5/5
Use your own creativity my crafting your own cookie. Select your dough, 3 cookie toppings, and wait for 8 minutes for your cookie creation to be soft-baked. 
The Food Scout with Scout Honor’s Chef Miko Aspiras

Green Cheese

Green Cheese, the happiest Japanese cheesecake in town, only gives good smiling vibes all throughout. 
Matcha (Php 450/box, Php 60/slice)
Original (Php 350/box, Php 50/slice)
Rate: 5/5
Extremely fine and creamy Japanese cheesecakes that’s easy to slice with any utensil and scoop like it’s ice cream. Try it and you wouldn’t mind having it as your birthday cake.  
On one end, craft beers are made available to complete your food trip at Hole in the Wall. 

The Ambiance:

A feel good venue to mix all types of foodie diners – for the group of hipsters, the lovers, the serious alone diners, and even professionals after a long day at work.
There’s room for being creative and artsy in all parts of the communal dining hall. The culture is no other than unique and distinct
Prepare your camera phones because you might want to stand beside one adorable corner with a tree and lights. No area is alike but with one identical rusticated theme. 
Hipsters found their new home at Hole In The Wall. 
It feels incomplete without my sister, Reine. This is her kind of spot! 
A hotbed of local dining halls is just starting. I can’t wait for more! 
Hole in the Wall is highly recommended to all with adventurous tastebuds.
Share with me your thoughts if you’ve tried Hole in the Wall at Century City Mall.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: 4/F Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue cor. Salamanca St., Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11:00AM-10:00PM

Contact: (+632) 887-2089

Budget: PHP350++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 10/10
Service 8/10
Cost 8/10
Overall 8.75/10