When we pass by a pet store, O and I would look at cats more than the dogs. We were captivated by the cat’s sophisticated attitude. Haha! I never owned a cat. But we have one named Toffee, owned by Reine. Toffee isn’t that playful cat, more like a ‘Garfield’ so I didn’t really spend much time with Toffee.
Fast forward to last August, O mentioned to me that if we would take care of a pet, it’s better we choose a cat. I agreed without any arguments. So I asked him, “What kind of cat?” He said, it doesn’t matter as long as the cat is clingy. “Well, it should be at least cute,” I responded.
Just a week after that discussion in the car, this happened. At around 9 in the evening, we were about to leave O’s house, I opened the door and was greeted by big-eyed kitten staring at me. The kitten was about 2 months and started rubbing its body to our legs and feet. I looked at O and said, “There goes your clingy cat!” And I looked at the kitten straight in its big eyes and found it so cute and sweet. We actually got what we wanted – clingy and cute. For a second, I was puzzled whether to adopt the cat or not. O was insisting while I was unsure if mom will allow another pet in our house. While we were talking about adopting the kitten or not, the kitten continued on meowing as it rubbed its body to our feet. The kitten was charming us to adopt it. After thinking about it, I told myself, “Oh what the heck! Let’s just bring the kitten to the car!” Hahaha! To cut the long story short, we now have our kitten and named it Johnny. 🙂
Why Adopt A Cat
 1. Easy to maintain.
Let’s be realistic here, adopting any pet is not a joke. It’s almost like taking care of a baby. Cats are naturally independent, easier to maintain than dogs. They require minimal supervision and attention. Like in potty training, I just had to let Johnny familiarize itself with the house and where the cat litter is. As long as Johnny knows where to throw its waste, Johnny easily adapts. They’re not too needy, which fits your busy lifestyle.
2. You’ll learn to be more responsible.
You have to be ready with your finances when you want to take proper care of your cats. Other than allotting a budget for yourself or your family, you have a pet to consider. Expenses for the cat are the following: regular veterinary check-up, cat food, cat treats, toys, vitamins and if you want to groom your cat, you have to count its hair products and accessories.
3. You get yourself a skilled hunter.
If you hate mice loitering your house, you need a cat! Naturally skilled in hunting pests, your cat will be your helper to keep your house mice-free.
4. You have an instant cuddle buddy.
Even if cats act independently, they appreciate your evening sweet cuddle. Johnny loves jumping and snuggling on my bed, taking a nap in the afternoon, especially if my aircon is turned on. If you need a lazy couch potato buddy, get a cat.
5. Cats are adorable.
I don’t need to expound on this. Adopt a cat and you will see how awesome cats are.
 For reasonably priced pet needs, contact Paws N’ Fins.
They carry good quality brands and respond to inquiries promptly.
Fat Cat No Rinse Shampoo and Fat Cat Cologne are my favorites for Johnny! Since cats don’t need our help to give them a bath, it doesn’t hurt to groom them with this Fat Cat No Rinse Shampoo.
I got this Japanese odor-control cat litter and huge cat litter box from Paws N’ Fins.  This was very useful when Johnny was being potty-trained.
What do you think of adopting cats?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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