Burgers, the main agenda when I found out about Chef Josh Boutwood’s new play of flavors at Village Tavern. There was never a doubt in Village Tavern. Since the first time I was impressed, 2 years ago to be exact, I knew coming back to this restaurant will be another warm welcome with delicious surprises.
True enough, there’s something to look forward again in Village Tavern. As I told you earlier, burgers is currently stealing the spotlight.

The Burgers:

Inspired by different flavors around the globe, Chef Josh Boutwood let his imagination play with thick premium juicy-licious Wagyu beef patties in between two soft and toasted buns and calls it World of Burgers. Take note, the patty alone is heavenly!!!
There are 4 variants to choose from: Ocoberfest, Mexican, Waldorf and Monte Carlo. Since O and I could only handle 3 burgers (Hey that’s a lot!), we narrowed down our choices and left one flavor alone, which was Monte Carlo – wagyu patty topped with a premium selection of St. Nectaire cheese, black olive tapenade and Prosciutto ham.
Mexican (Php 650)
Rate: 5/5
Caution to those who are frightened by spicy food, Mexican is not for you. Well for me and O, it’s the perfect fit! Underneath the soft burger bun is the flame grilled wagyu patty. Chilli and spicy queso sauce are at fault for making me indulge. I murdered Mexican burger in my mouth instantly, except for the slices of onions. I had to take them away.
Waldorf (Php 625)
Rate: 4/5
Speak about sophistication in this New York-inspired Waldorf burger. Wagyu patty topped with a classic mix of fresh apple, celery, walnuts and St. Nectaire cheese. I place the bet that the guys won’t pick this flavor. It’s more like a sophisticated lady’s burger, who wants to take off the guilt by making sure there’s salad on top of her juicy wagyu burger patty.
Octoberfest (Php 675)
Rate: 4/5
Octoberfest is so far the best-seller among all 4 burger selections. Ready your hands to get dirty with this comforting wagyu patty with Swiss cheese, braised red onions and served with beer mustard. I’m just saying to keep your utensils clean and use your hands instead. That’s the burger way to go!
What do you think of Village Tavern’s World of Burgers?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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