Korea is a wonderland for beauty addicts. In the past years, cosmetic products from Korea have risen to the forefront of the international beauty scene making it as the Asian mecca for beauty innovation. The last time I visited Seoul Korea, I witnessed how Koreans prioritize beauty on top of their list. I’m not surprised their skin is admirably flawless. I was curious and I purchased some products for myself. After trying several Korean products, I myself became a lover of Korean beauty products. I now understand what the craze is all about. Unfortunately, not all Korean brands have made its way to our country. The great news is, there is one Korean brand that specializes in snail slime technology have worked its way and now available in our country. Let me introduce you Farmstay, the newest line of organic Korean beauty products in the Philippines, exclusively imported from Korea and distributed by McDell Healthcare Products, Inc. 
“It is McDell’s goal to bring Korea’s technical advances in skincare to be more accessible and affordable to Filipinos as we bring Farmstay here in the Philippines,” McDell Healthcare Products Inc. Marketing Manager Nancy Pereyras said.
At the Farmstay event in Blue Water Day Spa Ortigas, I learned more important facts what makes Farmstay special.
Farmstay specializes in snail slime technology. This technology helps in preventing wrinkles and repairs skin, making it firm, flexible and plump. It also tightens pores, dramatically hydrates skin for a smoother and softer texture. For damaged skin, irritated or inflamed skin, snail slime helps in healing as well.
Snail slime had its beginnings in Chile, when Chilean farmers who were exporting snail to restaurants in Europe noticed the skin on their hands became extremely soft. Injuries and cuts quickly healed without being infected.
For your skincare essentials, some of Farmstay’s snail products are:
Snail Repair Cream, Snail Pure Cleansing Foam, Visible Difference Snail Essence, Visible Difference Snail Eye Cream, Moisture Soothing Gel Snail, All-in-One Snail BB Cream and Snail Hand Cream. 
Lisette Bendicion, Farmstay Brand Ambassador
 “I chose to partner with Farmstay because I wanted more Filipinas to benefit from this beauty secret. I believe that these products that help bring out the best version of ourselves can help us in the pursuit of our passions,” said Lisette Bendicion.
McDell’s Cathy & Katrina Lorenzo, Lisette Bendicion and Marketing Manager Nancy Pereyras
Snail Repair Cream
At home, I tested Farmstay products to understand how effective snail slime technology is. Starting off with Snail Repair Cream, I used this thick cream every night since 2 weeks ago. I like the firm feeling of my face when I wake up. It was mild, no signs of irritation to the product.
Farmstay Snail Sun BB Cream
Next to moisturizer, BB Cream is my face’ best friend. I don’t normally go out of the house without BB Cream. Farmstay All-in-one Snail Sun BB Cream blends evenly with my skin tone. It’s a multi-tasker that serves as my foundation and moisturizer.
Using Farmstay Snail Sun BB Cream
Farmstay products are now available in McDell’s showroom in Cubao, Quezon City, its website and in various online retailers: Lazada, Beautymnl and Zalora.
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