My birthday was on a Wednesday but my celebration began on a Sunday. As a family-made tradition, I celebrate my favorite occasion not only once, twice, thrice but I celebrate the entire week. As weird as it sounds, I get hyped up for this week-long celebration. Haha! The child in me rises to its peak when I know it is my birthweek. I feel like owning the week and celebrating it with my favorite people, my family and close friends.
To begin, the kick-starter birthweek celebration happened at Village Tavern, located at Bonifacio High Street Central.
My family knows I am a huge fan of surprises. However, this kick-starter was no longer a surprise since I was the one who decided on where to dine in. Fort is one of my favorite hangout spots so it was a top of mind choice to celebrate within that area. I also know I won’t disappoint my family in choosing Village Tavern because I know their type of food. Serve them great salad, pasta and steak, their appetite will be satisfied already.
Thai Chicken Salad (Php 425)
 As described on the menu, this salad is composed of  seasonal greens, cabbages, sliced chicken, cucumbers, edamame, crisp wontons tossed in lime-cilantro dressing and drizzled with Thai peanut sauce. Sounded like a salad my sister would eat. She is very picky in terms of eating salads, so ordering veggies is critical for her to digest. I believe I made the right choice since I saw her getting more than 1 serving from the salad bowl. Somehow it is a cheating salad, bowl is also filled with generous amount of chicken meat and dressing that could be fattening as well.
New York Strip 12oz (Php 1,995)
 1/8 of that piece of steak was enough for me to enjoy its goodness. One small bite is already filled with juiciness and flavor. You don’t need to bite several times to get the wholeness of the steak. Mom and dad chose medium-well for their steak, which didn’t give me ultimate steak satisfaction. If you were to ask me, I’d rather have my steak cooked medium-rare.
Mashed potatoes smashed us complementing our steak. Just the way we want our mashed potatoes done, no negative comments on this one.
Shrimp Portofino (Php 395/regular; Php 595/to share)
They say if it is your birthday, don’t ever miss out on your birthday noodles for long life. This is my version of birthday noodles, pasta with shrimps, fresh basil, parmesan all tossed in fettuccine with homemade Tuscan sauce. I’m pleased with its taste, all ingredients combined together makes a simple perfect pasta for my birthweek dinner.
Hot Crab Dip (Php 495)
This will add to my favorite bread & dip dish. Supposed to be our appetizer but I ended up eating this the whole night. Ate more of this than the steak on the table. Can you believe that? Crabmeat plus garlic bread supplied my stomach with yumminess. I actually ran out of garlic bread so I didn’t hesitate to ask for more garlic bread. Village Tavern accommodated our request and gave us more garlic bread. You must try this Hot Crab Dip and experience for yourself.
Happy Birthday ice cream treat given by Village Tavern.
Can you see how sweet my sister is? :))
 A unique chandelier I noticed.
Like other Bistro Group restaurants, servers of Village Tavern are very professional and warm as they accommodated us throughout the night. We had so many requests yet they were composed and very relaxed on how they handled us.
Their seats are not ideal for the ‘big ones’. Average-sized or Asians will fit perfectly inside their couch table set-ups. But if you let Americans, Caucasians or heavy-built people sit there, they might not be happy with their space. Legroom might be an issue as well.
Tough love we got right there. *fist-bump*
To my family who treats me like a princess, I LOVE YOU ALL! 🙂 I couldn’t imagine celebrating with other people on my kick-starter birthweek dinner. The only people I have in mind are you guys – dad, mom and Reine. What more can I say, I am not only lucky but more than blessed to eat happily with this kind of family.
God knows what I need, so He gave me a loving family. God knows who I need, so He specifically surrounded me with awesome people. God knows me too well, so He blessed me with people who will give me proper guidance, correct me when I’m wrong, pull me up when I’m down and encourage me more when I excel.
Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location: 2/F Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Ave, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Philippines

Contact: (+632) 621-3245
Budget: PHP500++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 9/10
Cost 8/10
Overall 8.75/10