Everything in Nami Island is postcard material! When we stepped out of the ferry and landed on the island, we were all mesmerized by the beauty of Nami Island. We didn’t want to stop clicking the shutter of our cameras. I really fell in love with Korea, all because of Nami Island.
“The Naminara Republic, which declared its cultural independence from the Republic of Korea, has its own diplomatic and cultural policies. Naminara celebrates the imagination and shares its beautiful fairy tales and songs with guests from all over the world.” (Source: http://namisum.com/en/republic/introduce/)
Perfect weather during spring time, not too cold and not hot at all, contributed to our enjoyment in that island. All four seasons – winter, spring, summer or autumn, the island will fascinate you.
With your date, your family, your friends or even if you’re alone, the beauty of Nami Island is what will captivate you.
There were several films shot in Nami Island. For the Koreans, the most famous one is Winter Sonata. This inspired many tourists take their prenup shoots in the island.
Our family didn’t have time to try the activities like biking in the island. We spent so much time posing in every beautiful spot and take numerous photos. Praise God for the people with me, Reine, O and mom, everyone did a great job in taking serious photos.
The big island invites you to be a nature lover. Even if there were countless tourists coming in and out of the island, the place remained to be serene and peaceful wherever we went.
Each time we take a complete photo, I suddenly miss my dad who couldn’t join us. 🙁
This is the kind of park I wish I could go to every weekend.
 What do you think of Nami Island?
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