Heavy traffic everywhere force us to use Waze (navigation app) even if we actually know the way to get to our destination. Because of Waze, we’ve slowly learned to drive through narrow streets, discover hidden restaurant spots, especially in Quezon City.
Not too long ago, O and I passed Sct. Castor street, beside Tomas Morato. It was tight and not that friendly for SUVs or vans where I saw the unnoticeable sign of La Taqueria Amiga Mia, hanging on top of the hole-in-the-wall eatery. “So that’s what Chef Gino Gonzales was talking about,” my shoutout after seeing the place. If you’re not from the area, unfamiliar with shortcuts, or not a fan of its neighbor Greens Vegetarian Restaurant, a well-loved vegetarian restaurant standing in front, finding La Taqueria would appear inconvenient. But if you’re up for the thrill of a not-too pricey casual dining Mexican restaurant to end the long workday week, it won’t bother you to find your space in La Taqueria Amiga Mia.
We arrived for lunch, the best time to eat (a lot) in my opinion. I think we arrived earlier than 12 and saw one of its staff still fixing the tables and chairs. I think he was still alone manning the small restaurant by that time. Even in the middle of his task to arrange the tables, he allowed us to settle inside and gave a quick overview of the store’s menu. I have to commend that guy for his hospitality and diligence.

The Food:

Cheese & Beer Soup (Php 95)
Rate: 4/5
For an overly rich and cheesy soup, Cheese & Beer Soup takes the lead as your appetizer. It’s a requirement you can handle cheesy dishes like this in a Mexican restaurant. The beer in the soup have stayed in low key, causing its cheese flavor to stand out more.

Dynamitas (Php 95)
Rate: 4/5
Dynamitas, deep-fried chili cheese sticks, becomes edgy when you let the spice of finger chili dominate your tastebuds. With its crunchiness and cheesiness inside, there’s no reason to be fired up by its spicy chili.

Nachos (Php 145/225)
Rate: 5/5
Swamped by a basket Nachos in front of me. Now how could you follow the song of Elsa and let it go? Loaded with everything necessary for a bed of nachos – salsa cruda, cheese sauce and sour cream. You can choose your meat: classic ground beef, chicharones, pollo asado, carnitas, barbacoa, mexican sausage, callos, lengua, karne asado or pescado. The abundant amount of nachos served in a basket is meant to be shared with a group.
Mexican Fries (Php 100)
Rate: 4/5
People who love to snack and can’t tame their mouth, Mexican Fries is a runner-up next to the best-selling Nachos. It’s a significant appetizer for kids who don’t refuse potato wedges flooded with cheese sauce, minced meat and tomatoes. Save up some for me if you’re planning to order this dish. :p
Banacho (Php 140/270)
Rate: 3/5
Banacho is a play of banana as nachos served with black bean dip and salsa cruda. In that moment, Banacho was not my cup of tea. I tried to appreciate the creative take on nachos but I prefer the classic Tex-Mex tortilla chips.
Meat, Cheese & Salsa Quesadilla (Php 150)
Rate: 4/5
For men, the appreciation for quesadilla is not natural. It could appear as a flat, insufficient and a bore. Everyone has their own Mexican food biases but I personally enjoy the gentleness of Meat, Cheese & Salsa Quesadilla. The simple surprise comes in when you let these Quesadilla fill your taste buds with ground meat and cheese pressed in soft tortilla.
The magical bottle to brings all your mexican plates to life – Gino’s Sauce from Hell. Our server brought out this bottle to challenge us how spicy can we go. Just a dab of Gino’s Sauce from Hell, my tongue was already firing in need for water. It doesn’t mean I don’t approve of it. I must say your Mexican plates (burrito, chimichanga, etc.) taste way better with a dab or more of Chef Gino’s special hot sauce.
Chimichanga (Php 220)
Rate: 4/5
In every Mexican restaurant we visit, O and I don’t miss a chance to get an order of Chimichanga. Basically, Chimichanga is a deep-fried version of regular burrito. What we had was infused with burrito rice and made more interesting with carnitas instead of the usual beef or chicken meat. On top, it is covered with a complete package of bean paste, salsa cruda, corn salsa, sour cream, herb mix, cheese sauce, taco cheese and guacamole. Crunchy edges required effort to bite off the burrito or slice apart. With Chef Gino’s Sauce from Hell, this Chimichanga climbs a notch higher for its flavor profile.
Burrito (Php 220)
Rate: 5/5
If you take me back to La Taqueria tomorrow, I’ll probably get myself this Burrito with onion rice and mexican sausage. My attraction for this Burrito flavor combination was stronger than the Chimichanga I tried. Maybe it is the Mexican Sausage that added extra appeal and made it a charmer.
Taquitos (Php 190)
Rate: 5/5
Shoot up straight to your mouth these bite-sized Taquitos. Instead of tequila shots, ready for a shot of splashing Mexican flavors in the form of cute little Taquitos. For this dish, it entails your fingers to feel a little mess, with some cheese and sour cream.
Steak and Eggs Taco (Php 100)
Rate: 4/5
My appetite was almost at the finish line until I was asked if I wanted to give Steak and Eggs Taco a go. When you hear the word steak, you don’t have any right to refuse. Exactly what my conscience told me, “Go for the steak!” Nothing to regret, Steak and Eggs Taco turned to be a an uplifting treat, refreshed with a sprinkle of lime.
Mexican food in La Taqueria Amiga Mia are executed the way it should be, without going overboard with its prices.
Avocado Ice Cream (Php 100)
Rate: 4/5
I love Avocado Ice Cream! I don’t mind if its the one and only ice cream flavor available in La Taqueria.

Churros with Xocatile (Php 120)
Rate: 4/5
Romantic dessert, a heart-shaped Churros with Xocatile gives one’s face to light up before leaving the small space of La Taqueria.

The Ambiance:

The size of the La Taqueria Amiga Mia is close to a size of a small milk tea shop with only 3-4 tables inside. If you’re not claustrophobic, this shouldn’t be an issue if you’re after a sure satisfying meal.
Like any other restaurant in Tomas Morato, parking along the streets is the best option.
In a place like this, it looks more appropriate for groups of friends to hangout over tacos and beer.
Swing by La Taqueria Amiga Mia for wrapping yourself with the comforts of Mexican food.
What do you think? Sounds like a good plan this weekend?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: 93-B Scout Castor St., near Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Operating Hours: 12:00PM-11:00PM
Contact: (+632) 411-1234
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lataqueriaamigamia
Budget: PHP100++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 7/10
Service 8/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.25/10