There was a phase when I used to skip lunch. Unlikely for a food scout huh? I was once a workaholic in the corporate world that I would have to adjust lunch, in short miss it, just to attend to my clients and get the job done. I learned my lesson the hard way by feeling dizzy and getting stomach cramps. Then, that’s when I realized I should never skip meals. If that can’t be avoided, eat some snacks at least.
From my recent SM Fairview Foodcourt adventure, I was reminded by my old self when I saw some quick snacks to grab for busy people. I think if I work beside this place, I would always find an excuse to take a break. So much mouthwatering choices that I want to stuff them all in my belly. Haha! I tried and tested some snacks I could actually finish in 5 minutes or less. Now, this gives no excuse for anyone not to take a break.
Here it goes, 7 snacks you can eat in 5 minutes or less in SM Fairview Foodcourt.

1. Kwek-Kwek, Eggspert

Kwek-Kwek (Php 15)
Famous street food Kwek-Kwek is first on the list. With spicy, sweet sauce, vinegar or mixed, any pinoy couldn’t resist these orange eggs. Just take it easy, too much of these eggs may not be healthy. I have to warn you early because these Kwek-Kwek can be addicting.

2. Nachos, Slushhh

Mixed Nachos (Php 65)
While in the middle of watching movies, working, meeting or studying, Nachos has been my best friend. This cheese and bbq flavored nachos with beef cheddar and cream sauce from Slushhh blew me to dig in more.

 3. Waffle, Waffle King

Very Blueberry Waffle (Php 15) 
Both kids and children at heart are fascinated with waffles. The aroma and the breakfast vibe calms one down. Very Blueberry Waffle is a quick all-day breakfast snack in hand. Squeeze a little more and the sticky blueberry comes out to greet you.

4. Xiao Long Bao, Siaolongbao Express

Xiao Long Bao (Php 25)
Xiao Long Bao in a foodcourt?! Yes guys, it’s for real. And it’s only P25 for 4 pieces! Soupy dumplings that will burst with hot soup and minced meat in your mouth when you take a big bite. Siaolongbao Express in SM Fairview Foodcourt added more options for Chinese food lovers.

5. Korean Cakes, Moshi Manju

Korean Cakes (Php 18)
Korean Cakes from Moshi Manju is a family favorite, influenced by mom. When mom sees a stand, she surely stops by to purchase for the group. From afar, I was already called by the fragrant smell of these Korean Cakes. Chocolate or custard flavor, the odds are in favor of bagging both of them.

6. Dimsum, Pot Dog

Shark’s Fin (Php 38)
Lobster Ball (Php 40)
Pot Dog is a classic food court go-to for all things fried and “snackable.” I hate to join the bandwagon but I was just too weak to turn my back from these fried Shark’s Fin and Lobster Ball. It’s a sure snack I could finish in less than 5 minutes.

 7. Chicken Asado Puto, Puto Pao King

Chicken Asado & Salted Egg Puto (Php 25)
This compact Chicken Asado & Salted Egg Puto may be the hardest to consume when you’re in a hurry. Steamed rice cake made more satisfying with jam-packed chicken asado meat in its core.
What do you think of the choices in SM Fairview Foodcourt?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout

Location: G/F SM Fairview Foodcourt, Novaliches, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines


Budget: PHP120++