Before we booked our trip to Korea, mom, Reine and I were comparing Japan vs. Korea. Mom being undecided where to go, Reine and I had our own reasons for picking Japan. I was really firm with my decision. I didn’t win as you can obviously see. But you know what, I’m glad mom didn’t listen to us and took us to Korea. Admittedly, Korea has become one of my favorite countries. And a huge fraction of my love for Korea is our day trip to Nami Island.
From our hotel, we took the subway to Cheongyangni Station. We made a quick stop to buy snacks and train tickets to Gapyeong Station, the closest station to Nami Island.

Cheongyangni Station

This is a special photo I have to post. It reminds me of my lost hat, I left inside the train. 🙁
I took off my hat at that exact spot. And never wore them again. Ever. 🙁 
Ok enough for being materialistic. I just love wearing hats outside Manila and felt so irresponsible for losing it. Oh well. 
Looking at the cuter side, that is O’s face when he sees me go crazy over anything green tea or matcha. :p
Gapyeong Station
At Gapyeong Station, we rode a hop-on hop-off shuttle bus that could take us around. 
Sticking to the plan that our first stop should be Nami Island
We passed through the “Immigration” and bought tickets to the ferry, which will transport us to the actual island in less than 10 minutes.

General Admission Rate – ₩10,000 (adults)
Discounted Rate – ₩8,000 (disabled, seniors, foreigners, high school students)
Special Rate – ₩4,000 (infants, children below 3yrs. old, people purchasing for last admission time)

Wherever my eyes led me, I was totally fascinated with the view of nature and the chilly weather. 
After 2 hours of travelling, we made it to Nami Island!!

Now, we’re off to explore the beauty of Nami Island.
Come visit the blog again to see the next part of our Nami Island trip.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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