How often do you hear your good old Pork Adobo wrapped as a burrito?
Even in the age of millennials, there are still humans hiding in their narrow box, afraid to take the leap of exploring. I suggest, jump out of it. Or else, you’re gonna miss a lot, just like my recent pinoy food discovery.
Creative, tasty and pinoy – first few words to describe this new venture of Kapuso actress Ryza Cenon named PaBurrito. Started from an idea with celebrity friend LJ Reyes and chef Kim Macainag, the three thought of joining the food industry yet taking the steps carefully and slowly. Rather than making it big, opening a big regular store right away, which I think is feasible from their end, Ryza and her business partners took the other road of being a real entrepreneur. PaBurrito started as a stall, available in big bazaars in the metro, like the upcoming Trendsetter’s Bazaar. For them, it is important to start small as an entrepreneur and experience the hard work behind it. Being hands-on in this business, Ryza constantly researches on development of their products and marketing of their brand. I agree. This kind of perspective inspires the mass, communicating that anyone can start small and the growth of the business follows.
The name PaBurrito was born out of the desire to keep the pinoy tradition in their food. It is a shorter term for “paboritong ulam” or favorite Filipino dishes. Merging Mexican and Filipino cuisine together, PaBurrito brings the best in our staple Filipino favorites by innovating in a wrap.
Best-sellers: PaBurrito Pork Tocino, PaBurrito Pork Adobo and PaBurrito Sisig
Ryza’s favorites: PaBurrito Chicken BBQ
The menu offers a list of familiar go-to Filipino food.
Keeping a hundred bucks in your wallet would take you to places. PaBurrito owners agreed to lower down prices for everyone not to have an excuse, not to taste their pinoy-inspired products.

The Food:

PaBurrito Pork Tocino (Php 99)
Rate: 4/5
Timely, I haven’t eaten breakfast during my meet-up with PaBurrito team. Anticipating I’ll get stuffed, what I didn’t foresee was that breakfast will be served in a wrap as well. Another side of power breakfast out of the usual. PaBurrito Pork Tocino is an assembly of marinated cured pork, salted egg, sour mango salsa, and garlic rice, all wrapped in soft tortilla. Noticeable garlic rice spills in every bite leaving a garlicky breath after. Hehe. Silog meals just got a facelift. Thanks PaBurrito for this festive breakfast in a wrap!
PaBurrito Pork Adobo (Php 99)
Rate: 5/5
There is versatility in our famous pork adobo and PaBurrito Pork Adobo proves more of its flexibility. Staying away from the typical way of eating adobo with rice, PaBurrito claims that you’ll forget your mom’s adobo with this one. Steamed white rice tossed in classic pork adobo then wrapped in soft tortilla. To complete, choose between sour cream sauce or mango salsa for added flavor.
It’s not that I forgot about my mom’s adobo, my mind was too focused admiring what PaBurrito re-created. Gorgeous!
Original Nachos (Php 50)
Rate: 4/5
Meanwhile, Ryza knew there is also a demand for light snacks in bazaars, which is why ‘Nachos’ is newly introduced. Instead of using ordinary cheddar cheese and typical corn chips, PaBurrito team fries their own tortilla chips and drowns it with cheesy bechamel and salsa for added flair. I tell you, the combo really works! Cheers to that!
Jerky Nachos (Php 80)
Rate: 5/5
The curiosity for PaBurrito’s products doesn’t end there. To blend in with the cheesy bechamel sauce and salsa of the nachos, spiced jerky chicken steps up the game. Jerky Nachos is my top pick among the 3 flavors of nachos. Maybe I still have a Guam hangover, appreciating the chicken jerky that complements the flavors.
Longganisa Nachos (Php 75)
Rate: 5/5
No questions asked, Longganisa Nachos worked out strangely that it leaves you addicted to munching more of it. If you’re bias towards longganisa, you shouldn’t pass by PaBurrito’s booth without getting a bucket of this.

Where to Find PaBurrito?

Sept 4-6 Trendsetter’s Bazaar, World Trade Center
Sept 19 – Karl Edward, Dusit Thani
October 16-18 Manila Sundance Bazaar, Metrotent Ortigas
October 23-26 Trendsetters Bazaar, World Trade Center
November 13-15 Manila Sundance Bazaar, Metrotent Ortigas
December 11-13 Trendsetter’s Bazaar, World Trade Center
For updates, follow Bahilya facebook account.
If you miss any of these bazaars, go ahead and let PaBurrito deliver your favorite pinoy wraps.
What do you think of Ryza Cenon’s PaBurrito?

Share with me your thoughts! 🙂

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