Are you a beef lover or a seafood lover? Which savory side can lighten your mood?
I am certain you’ll take a break from whatever you’re up to when you are served with Tokyo Tokyo’s Premium Donburi – Japanese “rice bowl dish” consisting of seafood, meat, vegetables or other ingredients simmered together and served over, you know it, rice!
Tokyo Tokyo assures that Japanese dishes don’t necessarily have to be expensive all the time. There’s a way to grant your palate’s Japanese dreams if you give Tokyo Tokyo’s premium Donburi flavors a chance. The two new flavors sound like a great plan to order – Tempura and Beef Pepper. Our love for beef and seafood are tied up, so O and I gave both a shot.
Tempura Donburi (Php 145)
Your love for the crunchy and juicy Tempura has gotten better with Tempura Donburi. Abundant Tempura rice bowl topped with a delightful mix of various Tempura. There goes your love for prawns, potatoes and onion rings, flavored with Tokyo Tokyo’s distinct Japanese sauce (that I adored!), all in one bowl.
Beef Pepper Donburi (Php 145)
Grab your chopsticks for Beef Pepper Donburi, which O and I enjoyed the most. It was a close resemblance to that peppery and beefy rice plate we usually get. Steaming hot rice topped with beef strips harmoniously seasoned with pepper sauce and Japanese sweet corn. It’s a burst of beefy flavors – sweet, peppery and rich Japanese taste – in a single bowl alone. Tokyo Tokyo’s Beef Donburi steps up and takes everyone’s notice for its stress-free price of P145.
Halo-Halo Snow Ice (Php 89)
Tokyo Tokyo brought the snow to Manila through Snow Ice desserts. Carefully and neatly shaved milk infused ice with a variety of sweet & fruity toppings and flavors to choose from. If you’re familiar with Razon’s halo-halo, the ice is as silky and milky as that one. Saved some space for 2 flavors O and I shared with – Halo-Halo and Mango Peach Medley. You could only halt yourself from eating after gliding on these milky Snow Ice delicacies.
Mango Peach Medley Snow Ice (Php 89)
Tempura or Beef Pepper Donburi? Let me know your choice. Hmm… wait. I suggest, try both of them! These Tokyo Tokyo premium Donburi bowls are worth every penny!

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Pray, Eat and Love.
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