Because of my Filipino blood, I am naturally in love with sweets. As much as I want to avoid too much sugary food, I struggle in this area. I couldn’t put a period to my meal without a sweet ending from any desserts. During my quest to search for comfort food dishes in SM Fairview, I had a hard time leaving the mall without passing by dessert shops that caught my eye.
Now here’s my list of 7 Must-Try Desserts in SM Fairview Foodcourt:

1. Make Your Own Halo-Halo Shake, Mr. Halo-Halo

Halo-Halo Shake (Php 65)
The first and only mini stall I’ve seen in a foodcourt that sells a cup of customized Halo-Halo shake! I love anything customized. Gives me the freedom to add or reduce ingredients that will result to a perfect blend just for me. At Mr. Halo-Halo, you are allowed to choose 8 ingredients. Anything exceeding 8 has an additional charge. The halo-halo is blended together, covered with plastic sheet on top and inserted with straw for easy sip.

2. Choco Banana Crisp, Greenwich

Choco Banana Crisp (Php 104)
I almost ignored Greenwich for desserts until O pulled me to notice their dessert called Choco Banana Crisp! Thin, definitely crisp and noteworthy slices of chocolate and banana pizza. If you’re a real pizza lover, then add this flavor to your must-try list.

3. Dessert Puto, Puto Pao King

Puto (Php 25/pc.)
Puto is not only in demand as a snack but also as a dessert. This inventive puto in Dulce de Leche and Dark Choco flavors drags pinoy puto out of its conventional zone. You get that moist texture with custard filling or dark chocolate filling in its core.

4. Buko & Mais con Hielo, Buko ni Fruitas

Buko con Mais (Php 69)
I suddenly missed the sound and view of the beach with this Buko con Mais, specially served in a real buko shell. It gave me daydreams of lying down on the sand with my refreshing buko con mais beside me. If you miss the beach, the closest is treating yourself at Buko ni Fruitas.

5. Rainbow Ice, Masatami Shave Ice

Rainbow Ice 
My face lit up like a little girl when I held my first Rainbow Ice from Masatami Shave Ice. The best-selling and most photogenic flavor is a blend of Strawberry Margarita, Bubble Gum and Banana in one flower cup. Be sure to eat the plethora of finely shaved ice before it melts.

 6. Sundae Rocky Road, Miguelito’s Ice Cream

Sundae Rocky Road (Php 25)
If you’re caught in between a rough day, Sunday Rocky Road is the remedy. Taste of frozen vanilla sundae showered with brownie, nuts and marshmallow toppings after a heavy meal is also a way to calm your busy taste buds.

7. Fruit Salad, Salad Bar

Fruit Salad (Php 49)
A classic Fruit Salad will never go out of style. Our moms surely introduced this when we were kids that we can’t take off the soft spot we have for this timeless party dessert. Salad Bar is your go-to stall at SM Fairview for fruit salad and all other savory salad recipes.

What are your Must-Try Desserts in SM Fairview Foodcourt?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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Location: G/F SM Fairview Foodcourt, Novaliches, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines


Budget: PHP120++