“Meow!” the sound of a cat mesmerizes my sister Reine wherever we go. She hears the sound and she chases it like she smells fresh muffin out of the pan.  If you follow her photography blog, she dedicates series of blogposts for our adopted cat, Toffee. The cat lover that she is led us to a hidden cafe in Myeongdong called Cat Cafe.
It was this cat’s fault!!! Seriously. We got off from Myeongdong subway station and strolled along the cosmetic haven, not heading to the beauty shops but stopping by Cat Cafe before anything else.
The cat mascot welcomed us with enthusiasm, took photos with us, and soon introduced us to Cat Cafe through the signboard the cat was wearing. Old school advertising? Yeah it worked!
Finding Cat Cafe in between the busy district of Myeongdong could be puzzling. If it wasn’t for the cat mascot, we wouldn’t know about it nor where it was located. Hiding at the 5th level of one of the buildings (not sure exactly where!), we rode a narrow glass elevator to see the kitty stars of the cafe. To give you the exact directions, I hope you’d see the cat mascot there. The small spaces and stacked buildings could confuse tourists. 🙁
8,000 won/person
Entrance fee + 1 free drink
You could choose any drink from their menu.
Shoes are not allowed inside the cafe. Outside, there is a shelf where you could leave your footwear. As soon as you enter Cat Cafe, the counter girl will call you to immediately pay before you play. From there, you have unlimited hours to meet and be immersed with the cats in their world. Just look at my sister, she wouldn’t mind being comfortable on the floor with her new found friends a.k.a. NFFs!
These cats are what we call the sleepyheads. For hours, all they do is to be kings and queens of their own boxes and mattresses.
Looked above us and saw the catwalk where some cats would rather rest their paws.
Now, meet the award-winning cat of Cat Cafe, Rainbow Cat. Reine names it the best cat ever too! From the minute Rainbow Cat met my sister, rainbow cat would stay with her and acted like a sweet possessive pet. Based on O’s observation, Rainbow Cat is the only cat in the room who wears a hoodie while the rest wears a collar. He thinks it’s an award given to this friendly flat-faced cat.
One part of the cafe is a Japanese-style dining area, where some cats choose to mark as their territory.
Meet Counter Cat, the not-so friendly cat, that chooses not to move elsewhere but the counter it manages. Maybe this cat thinks he’s the boss, accounting money it earns from the cafe. Haha!
This is Box Cat, the cat that would only look at you but won’t get out of its box to play with you.
Emo Cat stays by the window, contemplating about life.
As a cat lover, observing and playing with these pets, understanding different personalities of cats in one room, makes it one of the best discoveries we found in Myeongdong, Seoul!
What do you think of Cat Cafe?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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