We look forward to Sundays.
It’s a day of rest and time with the family. For us, mornings are spent in the church and the rest of the day doesn’t have a regular schedule to follow. That’s where spontaneity comes in. Out of the blue, I planned with O to cook and prepare something for my family. I also remembered I had stored ready-to-cook Calo’s Ribs in the freezer, which was a perfect day to cook them. After church, we rushed to my house with my sister Reine to prepare ahead, before dad and mom come back after their d-group (church activity).
I know how it is displeasing for dad and mom to wait for food, especially when lunch time strikes. I assumed there was a long preparation for cooking the ribs, which is why I arranged for us to go home immediately after church. When I read up on its preparation, I found out Calo’s Ribs was already cooked. And all I had to do was to re-heat it. Rushing was no longer part of the plan. How convenient! I was calm and relaxed the ribs are laid on the table by the time our parents come back home.

About Calo’s Ribs

Calo’s Ribs started when Clerg Tolibas (owner) was craving for some ribs at home. There was not a single restaurant or place to find cooked ribs near their area. The frustration turned into a bright idea of stocking his own cooked ribs for his own sake. Whenever his craving attacks, he can easily open the freezer and readily heat the marinated ribs. The simple longing for ready-to-cook ribs opened opportunities for Calo’s Ribs to supply in some restaurants in Bulacan and Cavite.

The Menu

Baby Back Ribs (P369)
Pork Spareribs (P349)
Pulled Pork (P159)
Sauce Choices:
Original Homemade BBQ
Golden Carolina BBQ (Honey Mustard)
St. Louis BBQ (Spicy Tomato)
Free Delivery within Metro Manila
For Cash on Delivery, additional charge of P30
Minimum Order: P500
Original Homemade BBQ Ribs (Php 369)
Original Homemade BBQ isn’t as smoky as I would’ve imagined yet it had a way to let me lick my utensils for its appealing sweet barbecue sauce. Oh, and the sauce was abundantly spread on the ribs and on my rice!
Golden Carolina Ribs (Php 369)
 I thought I would veer away from mustard but I strangely changed my mind when I started taking a small piece of Golden Carolina Ribs. Was I hungry or what, but I scooped more cups of rice for this variant. It was a happy ending from my first encounter with this honey mustard flavored ribs.
St. Louis (Php 369)
I had more portion of St. Louis flavor only for one reason – I loved it! I give this a high grade for its remarkable mixture of tomato and its spicy kick.

Choosing Calo’s Ribs for our lunch caused us zero hassle. 
Look! We even had more time to make this “instructional” video!! Haha! Click on play guys! 🙂
What do you think of Calo’s Ribs?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂

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Pray, Eat and Love.

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