Working in an international bank for several years opened my eyes to the realities of this world, financially speaking. Having CPA parents added to the factor of my deep understanding of the finance side of every business. At an early age, parents oriented me the ABCs of handling a credit card. Hence, fancy advertisements didn’t catch my attention. Fast forward to the grown up me, I was never excited to put out any of my credit cards when purchasing something. I usually resort to cash or my debit card. When I found out about Globe’s new GCash MasterCard, which acts as a debit card, I became interested to get and use one.
Compared to credit cards, it’s easier to apply for a GCash MasterCard. Visit any Globe store for this. I know many of you acquires a GCash wallet, especially Globe subscribers. Other than paying using your GCash load through your mobile device, you can now shop in retail and online stores, using it like another debit card. As long as MasterCard is accepted, your GCash MasterCard is valid.
On the business side, not every business finds it convenient and easy to apply for their own credit card portal. Small and medium enterprises understand this dilemma. For such merchants, Globe found a way to help them increase their sales through Globe Charge. Globe Charge allows every business to accept MasterCard and Visa payments via smartphones and tablets.
  In one store in Tiendesitas Mall named Tupped Boutique, I planned to use my GCash MasterCard after checking my wallet with not enough cash to purchase the cosmetics I wanted to buy. I could really withdraw in an ATM machine, only one floor below. But to save time, there wasn’t any harm in using my loaded GCash MasterCard (debit card).
Tupped Boutique sells original cosmetics from the US and Japan. Some of my trusted brands are sold in the shop like MAC Cosmetics. I chose the lipstick shade I wanted from MAC and bought a Shu Uemura eyelash curler.
After deciding on my purchase, I handed over my GCash MasterCard for payment.
Like a normal credit or debit card, the merchant swiped my card to their Globe Charge device on their iPad. I felt at ease seeing they swipe the card in front of me.
After confirming my purchase, I received a message from Globe, giving details about the transaction. It includes the name, contact details and address of merchant, date and total amount of purchase.
If you are a businessman and want to expand your payment options for your clients, do not hesitate to look up on Globe Charge’s benefits. More and more SMEs are using Globe Charge now. You might want to be part of that family.
What do you think of Globe Charge and GCash MasterCard?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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