Satisfied with the restaurants you frequent in Tagaytay?
I’m not. And I want to keep on exploring more!
From my recent trip to Tagaytay, the favorite destination of Manileños to escape the noise and heat, I discovered a new relaxing spot, call it a secret date spot if you may, worth the climb to the city. Qi Wellness Living, located along Aguinaldo (main) highway, is created as a relaxing escape from the busy city. If you are not aware of Qi Wellness Living, most likely you would skip the big bright red door with its simple facade. I suggest, use Waze to navigate correctly.
Qi Wellness Living is inspired by the ancient Chinese, practicing similar beliefs in wellness through various aspects of their culture, food, medicine, massages, and day-to-day living. From the Chinese word “chi” (flow of energy), the name of Qi Wellness derives its name.

The Ambiance:

Koi Pond

Upon entering the tranquil space of Qi Wellness Living in the afternoon, my heart pumped faster when the sound of gong buzzed the area. For every visitor passing by the big red door, the gong sound will serve as a signal of a revered guest. It is also said to be the beginning of a restful retreat of every human entering. Keeping our voices down was advised since there were other guests in the “secret” sanctuary getting their therapeutic massage.

A fascinating view of the Taal lake occupied our camera lenses. We walked closely to the edge of the perimeter to get a closer shot of Qi Wellness Living’s everyday view. These are the moments you wish you’re with your loved one. In my case, I wasn’t. 🙁

The place looks secretive and a perfect hideaway for couples and families. One part of relaxation is the Bathhouse. It provides a variety of traditional Chinese healing practices through massage and hydrotherapy sessions.

Another part of the lake house is the Guesthouse, which provides overnight accommodations. With limited slots, you are sure to achieve the privacy to meditate and relax properly.

On the second floor, we spent the rest of the afternoon sitting with our Asian cocktails across the bar and the beautiful Taal Lake view.
Asian-inspired tea-based cocktails
Silk Road (Php 390)
Rate: 4/5
A splash of Don Papa Rum, pineapple juice and spices.
The dining table, where we positioned ourselves after cocktail hours, is situated in another level. Formal Chinese dining in a long black table with tall Chinese-styled seats. Sitting in this area still gave us a full view of Taal Lake.
Looking at the whole picture, the ambiance is minimalist yet sensual with its colors, sticking to shades of grey and earth tones.

The Food:

9 Course Yin Yang Menu – Spring (Php 2,880) was prepared for the group at The Teahouse.
eel + apple + turnip + banana heart 

Bite-sized starter that resembles a Japanese Unagi recipe.

miso + onion + mushroom + truffle oil
Imagine wearing a sweater, feeling cold yet rested, this miso soup with caramelized onions, mushroom and truffle oil will serve as a blanket to keep you warm.
salmon gravlax + squid Ink + orange + citrus pearls + cream cheese
A quick tour around an island of fresh salmon and citrus flavors.
fermented tofu souffle + spring salad + hoisin vinaigrette
The fermented tofu souffle brought out my emotions, dramatically infatuated with its soft and delicate custard-like texture. Greens were sprinkled by hoisin vinaigrette, which I think is brilliant.
soba + sea urchin cream + 63C yolk + crab
The cold soba damped with sea urchin cream, crab and egg yolk is something not to take for granted. Mixing all flavors evenly levelled up my idea of a cold soba.
flank steak + sweet potato + french beans + mushrooms
On cold stone, a thick chunk of flank steak sitting like a mermaid, boosted my starvation for meat. It awakened my senses for meat with its tender interior and perfectly-heated edges.
duck leg confit + pancakes + plum sauce
Regular Chinese dinners with O’s family got me used to Peking Duck Wrap. And, it became my favorite among the dishes laid on Lazy Susan. Having this close-packed duck leg confit drizzled with plum sauce deepened my affection for this type of eastern dish.
lamb belly + carrots + pumpkin + peas + corn
I’m a first timer in welcoming lamb belly to my own tummy. I thought of its meat like fish while slicing through its center smoothly. Crusted skin accompanying its meat enhanced my attraction towards the colorful plate. Two thumbs up to this special dish!
guava + mango + lemon + edible flowers + herbs + soil
Fresh garden dessert of guava sorbet, mango, lemon and edible flowers picked from their own garden. The real deal happens when you mix every ingredient together, mashing the guava sorbet, and taking a scoop from the bowl. An animated taste of playful crunchy, silky, nutty and icy textures. It totally cleansed my palate from finishing all flavorful plates waving in front of me. This dessert tops my list!
Take this dessert out of the kitchen and I’ll be outside waiting with my silver spoon.
Aside from the duck and the lamb, all ingredients are locally sourced at Qi Wellness Living. Herbs and flowers on our plates are grown at their own garden roof.
If you wish to set a romantic date at Qi Wellness Living, advanced reservation is required.
What do you think of Qi Wellness Living in Tagaytay?
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Location: Aguinaldo Highway, Brgy. Maharlika East, Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines