I’ve never appreciated hotels near the airport until mom booked me and Reine at Regal Airport Hotel.
Mom needed to leave us all by ourselves. Meaning, it’s our first ever ever out of the country as sisters. OH MY GULAY! It’s for real. Our parents trust us we can handle ourselves alone in Hong Kong! This is such a big deal for me knowing how protective and semi-strict my parents can be.
I honestly had mixed emotions knowing mom was leaving for China, for another business trip. I missed her in our next few days of our Hong Kong adventure slash my heart was pounding with excitement as I get to spend more time with my sister.
So after our first hotel in Shatin, at Royal Park Hotel, we moved to Regal Airport Hotel, the closest hotel to Hong Kong International Airport.

Why we love Regal Airport Hotel?

1. Impressive service! I just have to mention this first. We were greeted by a Filipino officer at the lobby who was willing to help anyone in the hotel. Let’s remove my bias of being a Filipino. A Filipino guest relations officer is assigned at the lobby, acting as a manager, who assists every Ā guest with any concern they’ve got. I’ve been to Hong Kong multiple times and I could easily compare how Regal Airport Hotel service sets apart.
2. Authentic restaurant selections in the hotel are worth visiting.
3. Rooms articulate a classic, clean and comfortable character that feels like home.
On another note, we failed to get a room with free WiFi. Thank goodness the hotel lobby’s free WiFi compensated for my internet needs.
4. Directly connected to the passenger terminal of Hong Kong International Airport. We didn’t have to worry about airport transportation on our last day in Hong Kong.
After checking-in, we brought mom to the airport by passing the bridge to the airport.
If you know how awesome Hong Kong International Airport is, you will appreciate the benefits of staying near the airport. Two of my favorites are the selection of restaurants and IMAX movie available. Take note, McDonald’s never sleeps in that airport. Midnight cravings call for a walk to the 24-hour McDonald’s nearby.

5. Last but not the least, Regal Airport Hotel offers a free shuttle service to Citygate Outlets Mall!
Easy access to shop at outlet stores without stressing about our transportation again. What a relief!
Ask anyone from the concierge for a copy of the shuttle’s schedule. The shuttle leaves promptly according to its schedule.
Have you tried staying at Regal Airport Hotel?


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