What do you have to do at least twice a week?
To answer that question, my first response in my head has to do something about my personal health. Twice a week, I badly need to exercise. Emphasize on badly! Haha! For me, exercising is one way of responding to the amount of calories my body takes every single day. You know I love to eat but I’m at the same time a big health freak.
Last week, I discovered another routine I need to include one more thing to my system that I have to do twice a week. Every day, us women are prone to itchiness and irritation in our intimate area. What we wear, tight and fit clothes, affects this common irritation only women could understand. I hate that feeling. You feel discomfort, distraction and un-sexy feeling that leads to poor day-to-day performance. That’s why I was so eager to learn more about BETADINE® Feminine Wash after finding out this is the key to addressing every woman’s intimate problem.

BETADINE® Feminine Wash 

It only takes a twice a week routine! Nothing more, nothing less. The doctor-trusted antiseptic feminine wash promotes a new feminine hygiene routine that aids any concern about that intimate area. BETADINE® contains PVP-lodine that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi – these are the common causes of irritation in our V area. It doesn’t dry and can be used even at any stage of your period. If you are pregnant or at the stage of menopause, it’s still safe to use BETADINE® Feminine Wash.
 Luckily, I don’t have any problems that I know of. But I shouldn’t stay on the comfort side and not address this concern. I’ve learned recently that some women are taking intimate area care for granted. Like daily feminine wash routine is the best solution. I’m guilty of that. (Ooops!) However, that’s not the way to go. There is a proper care to make sure you are on the right track. We don’t want any complications in the near future, right?


BETADINE® facilitated an event last week, held at Intercontinental Manila Hotel, to orient us more about proper hygiene and care of our intimate area.
Highlights of what I learned from the event:
Avoid douching your V and tight fitting clothes.
– Menstrual pads should be changed frequently.
– Childhood genital care starts with good hand wash of the care giver

More importantly, using BETADINE® Feminine Wash twice a week can help us stay clean and protected. Indeed, clean is the new sexy!

Also at the event, we were pampered and treated like a princess care of Posh Nails and Flawless.
I hope every event will have a massage corner. Haha!

I stayed at the Posh Nails booth for a supposed to be 10-minute massage that extended to a 20-minute massage since it’s the only service I availed. 🙂

Stage set-up
Every woman with a feminine taste loved the pretty set-up! We stayed cozy by sitting on the grass.
With Rina of Rina’s Rainbow

Food was overflowing too! The event really addressed what every woman needed at that moment – relaxation for the body and the belly!

The Sexy Clean Promos:

To encourage you to start that twice a week habit, BETADINE® partnered with like-minded brands, Flawless and Posh Nails, for the Be Sexy Clean promo.
Promo #1: Buy BETADINE® Feminine Wash 100ml and get 20% discount on Flawless All Natural Ultimate White Facial and Cell Booster Infusion Mask.
Just present your receipt and box at any Flawless branch as proof of purchase.

Promo #2: Buy BETADINE® Feminine Wash 100ml and get 10% off on all Posh Nails services (excluding basic manicure and pedicure services)

Just present your receipt and box at any Flawless branch as proof of purchase.
If you believe that Clean is the new Sexy, you will say yes to BETADINE® Feminine Wash’ movement.
Now my question is, “Are you ready to do it twice a week?”
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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