Our second day in Hong Kong comprised of walking, eating, shopping and more walking. At the end of the long Chinese road, when we reached the hotel, all we wanted was to put our feet up and eat inside the hotel room. However, my itchy feet still convinced me to get up and go out of the hotel. Mom and I thought of buying food at New Town Plaza, the nearby mall, and bring it back to the room. While searching for a restaurant, we stumbled into this eye-catching place called Maccha House. I immediately pleaded, “Mom, can we please buy food there?” and she responded, “Why not eat there?” I didn’t hesitate and shouted a loud “OK!”
Just a quick background about myself. I’m a self-confessed matcha addict! Since I discovered my love for tea back when I was in high school, I began to appreciate green tea. I easily fell in love with anything that has matcha on it. Until today, nothing has changed. I am still in love with matcha! 🙂
While waiting to be seated, which was approximately 15 minutes, I looked on their menu trying to decide what to order. I tell you. This is my dream menu! 50% of what Maccha House serves include matcha as its basic ingredient. Matcha galore!! 
Since I was unprepared, I left my SLR in the hotel with my sister. “Sigh!” I had to use my Samsung Note 4 to take photos of this restaurant.

The Food:

Traditional Maccha (HKD 19)
Rate: 5/5
Call me purist or what but I really adore pure matcha green tea. I like it authentic, bitter and without any sweetener. We were given an instruction card on how to a maccha drink the Japanese way.
First, slowly pour hot water into the bowl until it is about 1/3 full. Next, briskly whisk the matcha and hot water using a bamboo whisk or mini walis. You have to begin slowly to dissolve the matcha and whisk in an “m” motion. You will have to stop slowly when a soft light foam has developed.
Lastly, enjoy and drink your cup of matcha! YUM! My kind of tea that I would demand from my future husband every morning. Hihi. 🙂
Black Sesame Oil Tonkotsu Ramen (HKD 64)
Rate: 4/5
Slightly salty yet balanced with its black sesame oil and ramen broth. Its big bowl with 3/4 ramen soup seemed like a cheat from its first glance. But when I was in the middle of consuming, I understood its ramen serving was more than enough for the both of us. Getting this type of ramen was on the right track that didn’t turn to any frustration. I was a giddy lady after my dose of traditional matcha and a bowl of Black Sesame Oil ramen.
Spicy Fried Beef & Onsen Tamago Rice Bowl (HKD 69)
Rate: 4/5
If you’re staying with the spicy, semi-sweet and sour side of main course, this rice bowl might fit you’re tongue cravings. Mom loved Maccha House not because of their matcha but basically because of Spicy Fried Beef & Onsen Tamago Rice Bowl.
Maccha Chocolate Fondue with Milk Cream Puffs (HKD 49)
Rate: 5/5
Highlight of the dinner date with mom was this Maccha Chocolate Fondue with Milk Cream Puffs! Woah, I was drooling while typing the whole name of that dessert. Melted matcha chocolate didn’t lean too much on the sweet corner but stayed on a level of a heavy-loaded matcha taste. Thick matcha chocolate gave the creamy puffs a strong boost. Without the matcha, its milk cream puffs will be a bore.
Crazy but I think my butt was stuck on the seat after taking one piece of milk cream puff. I didn’t want to leave Maccha House anymore. Now I’ve decided to build my own matcha house someday. Hahaha! :p

The Ambiance:

As my eyes wandered around, I found nothing special with Maccha House’ ambiance. The restaurant exhibit a simple yet pretty furnitures in green. You’re lucky to get a seat in less than 10 minutes on a weekend. From what I noticed, Hong Kong people loves Maccha House. A long queue isn’t a showstopper for their matcha cravings.
Staff were very courteous and easy to talk to. When I saw kids enter the store, the ladies at the counter shouted hello and waved to the kids. Demanding customers didn’t remove the happy smiles on their faces.
If matcha desserts make you drool, Maccha House is a must-try for you.
What do you think of Maccha House in Hong Kong?
Share with me your thoughts! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: G/F New Town Plaza, Shatin, Hong Kong
Budget: HKD80++

Food 9/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 9/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 8.75/10