Fans of Charles Schulz’ Peanuts comic strip will totally dig Snoopy’s World.
Located at New Town Plaza within Shatin (New Territories), also right beside our hotel, there you’ll find the biggest Snoopy lying down on its doghouse. I only discovered Snoopy’s World while strolling around New Town Plaza with mom and Reine on our first day in Hong Kong. I was intrigued by the sign and arrow pointing to Snoopy’s World. I couldn’t believe there is one small theme park within the busy shopping mall. After finding out about the kiddie park a few meters away from our hotel, I bugged mom like a little girl to take us to Snoopy’s World the following day.
Before there were books like Harry Potter, Twilight and the like, comic strips changed the world of publishing. And Peanuts, started during the 1950s, was one of the historic and popular ones. As a 90s kid, I had one of those comic strips in my bookshelf, but I have to admit my heart is still attached to Archie comics. I still love re-reading them up to this day.
Biggest Snoopy in the World
To enter Snoopy’s World, you have to pass under the roof of the biggest Snoopy figure in the world.
The famous beagle and his friends aren’t asking any fee for you to experience their world. What’s great about this little theme park is that admission is FREE.
FYI, lower your expectations. Or probably limit it to cute Peanuts figures painting the small town. It’s not the “theme park” you have in mind with amusing rides and gaming rooms.
Reine experienced the bum life of Charlie – watched the television with him – under the roof where Snoopy lies.
According to Marcie, there aren’t any age restrictions in their land. As long as you’re a Peanuts fan, you’re gonna have fun!
We found Woodstock, the best friend of Snoopy.
Once a banker, always a banker.
The one and only ride in Snoopy’s World. A smooth sailing canoe ride, which is also for Free. You just have to use your patience because the line could get longer as time runs.
Play Area
Your little ones would love the play area! Keep your eyes on them, the crowd gets crazier during weekends.
Inside, kids could hop in the bus and play pretend games. We didn’t mingle with them anymore. Plus, we might look like bullies in there. Haha!
Outside, life-sized Sally and Charlie Brown were stars for pictorials.
At Snoopy’s World, kids love the school…bus!
I wanted to join the rowdy crowd inside the bus though.
Someone blended in. 🙂 The little sister accidentally dressed up like one of Peanuts’ crew.
If you’re in Shatin (New Territories), Hong Kong, don’t miss out on stopping by at Snoopy’s World!
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