Do you think brushing your teeth is enough to maintain a healthy mouth? Do you think mouthwash is only needed for an added fresh breath? Do you think your diet is already good enough? And do you think a healthy diet means saying goodbye to tasty and delicious meals and snacks? If these questions turn on your curiosity, listen up. At some point, I must admit I thought I knew it all. The proud me thought I was already maintaining a healthy lifestyle and grooming my mouth was already enough.
Last weekend, March 27, Listerine opened up my eyes to more knowledge about defining the word “healthy lifestyle.” As someone who pays attention to all health-related articles, the event about stepping up my game, stepping up our food trip as Listerine says, was a splash of education and fun for me.

Step Up Your Food Trip

Happened last March 27-28, 2015 at Eastwood Open Park, foodies plunged into the summer tents under the scorching heat for Listerine’s Step Up Your Food Trip. The program started promptly on the first day, hosted by bubbly Sam Oh. While listening and observing, I was slowly being engaged by the advocacy of Listerine – pushing for consumer’s healthy mouth. It was speaking to me that it was haunting me until I reached home, which I will share with you later on.
Listerine partnered with healthy food advocates to showcase how easy and doable it is to step up your food trip. With just 1 twist, could be ingredient, cooking style or preparation, you can easily shift your diet from good to great. In other words, that’s from your usual tasty food to a tastier and healthier food or beverage.
Chef Carlo Miguel, a superstar chef of several restaurants like Draft, Beso Cucina Vinoteka, Black Olive, etc., is a known for his health advocacy after winning 1st-runner up in the first season of The Biggest Loser Asia. He demonstrated how to prepare quick healthy dishes, which anyone can whip up at home.
Chef Carlo Miguel’s Chicken Salad
Vegan Korean Soy Garlic Cauliflower by V Kitchen
Surprise surprise, there were vegan and vegetarian stalls that engaged the audience to support healthy snacks like V Kitchen and Yummy Diet. They addressed the misconceptions of people towards vegan/vegetarian cuisine by creating all sorts of palate-friendly finger food.
Vegan Cheesesticks by V Kitchen
Signature Egg Muffins by Yummy Diet
Healthy Pizza by Yummy Diet
Pasta by Pam’s Choices
Refreshments from DoleJamba JuiceJusa and a lot more were available and saleable due to the ongoing summer heat. The beverages were the saviors for food warriors like me!
My friend Chichi of Hungry Tummy Travels shared iphone photography tips as well.
At the event, I saw my blooming blogger friends – Rina and Jane, who were also in black.

Step It Up with Listerine

As mentioned earlier, this Listerine event was haunting me till I reached the four corners of my room. I had to act on my complacent habits rather than be deaf ears. This resulted to my action plan of joining Listerine with its healthy mouth advocacy. Yup, step it up!
Listerine challenges everyone to step it up – step up your toothbrushing habits.
Brushing is not enough as while it removes dirt (hidden or not), it cannot totally remove that biofilm layer that houses bacteria. What’s worse is, it could destroy the health of your teeth and mouth. Who would want that? This is why I’m up for the challenge!
A single step of including a quick rinse with Listerine won’t be a big hassle to your mouth care routine. The unique formulation of Listerine with its 4 essential oils is scientifically proven to break through and remove the biofilm layer – a sticky layer of bacteria that sticks to the teeth and causes plaque, gum problems, and bad breath. This fact was a red alert to me. I rushed to the bathroom right away and gargled with Listerine. Try to roll your tongue over your teeth, that slippery layer is what you call biofilm. Only Listerine cleans 100% of your mouth. Cheery smiles for healthy mouths!

Added Benefits

Other than freshening your breath and taking off biofilm that harms your teeth, rinsing with Listerine even transforms your mouth into something you can see and feel. Fresher breath from the 1st rinse, cleaner and whiter teeth that you can actually feel on the 7th day, healthier gums on the 14th day, and stronger teeth on the 21st day.
These added benefits want to make me part of the movement even more. Besides, it’s just an additional step of rinsing with Listerine. It’s not a thorn to my routine anyway.

Are you up for the challenge of getting a healthy mouth with Listerine?
I mean, are you ready to Step It Up with Listerine?

Share with me your thoughts! 🙂

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