Before setting our feet to Brunei, Uncle D had only one restaurant to rave about, that’s Kaizen Sushi. For someone who understands what it takes to create precious Japanese dishes, his words about Kaizen Sushi were something to take note of.
Situated in Seria, I’ve heard from Uncle D you can’t just walk in without prior reservations. Especially on weekends, families choose to dine at Brunei’s #1 Japanese restaurant.

The Food:

We were seated in one of their Washitsu rooms, a distinguished traditional room for ever Japanese home. While browsing through the menu, cups of hot Japanese green tea kicked off our Kaizen Sushi experience.
Party Set A (BND 49.50)
Rate: 5/5
First huge party plate of assorted sushi is already a winner! I blocked off Uncle D’s hype and let the food do the talking. I tell you, he’s not exaggerating. Every single piece from that bamboo tray amplifies a fresh and exquisite flavor. Smooth to the palate you wouldn’t be shy to ask for one more. I’d ride the plane for Kaizen Sushi’s Party Set raw bites.
Sake Maguro Chirashi Don (BND 11.70)
Rate: 5/5
Tuna and salmon sashimi over ‘vinegared’ sushi rice. I think I was the only one who appreciated the vinegared rice scattered separately. Almost everyone else dug in for the salmon and tuna sashimi alone, which is by the way a stunner for its freshness.
Gyudon (BND 10.80)
Rate: 4/5
This Japanese beef bowl belongs to my sister, who’s driven to the sweet and saltier side of eating Japanese food. Gyudon’s gentle touch of sweetness to its beef and onions balances with a mouthful of steaming sticky Japanese rice.
Hotate Teppanyaki (BND 12.60)
Rate: 5/5
Large scallops gathered and sauced with Kaizen Sushi’s special teppanyaki sauce. Mom was the first to appreciate Hotate Teppanyaki’s goodness. I fell for it after getting a piece. I was a little hesitant to get more since we only ordered one plate for everyone else.
KL Maki (BND 10.80)
Rate: 4/5
Volcano Eruption Maki (BND 10.80)
Rate: 4/5
Put a checkmark on classic sushi and sashimi varieties, Kaizen Sushi aced that part. Aside from that, Kaizen Sushi has a wider variety in offering maki dishes on the fusion side. What I love about them, they were consistent from start to end. All dishes gave its very best.

The Ambiance:

Bringing you closer to Japan, Kaizen Sushi welcomes you with its conveyor belt sushi straight from the sushi kitchen. Watch the chef slice and dice fresh fish and roll into sushi pieces from your seat.
Some of the servers we’ve encountered were Filipinos courteous and quick. And that made it easier for us to communicate our orders and requests.
We were given a private Washitsu room, which I think is the best atmosphere when eating in a Japanese restaurant. I love feeling like a local in every culture I immerse myself into – not exactly like one in the resto but achieved a similar feeling.
When you’re all set to visit Brunei, make it to a point to reserve a seat and visit Kaizen Sushi.
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Pray, Eat and Love.
The Food Scout
Location: G/F, No.26 Jalan Sultan Omar Ali, Seria, Brunei
Contact: (+673) 322-2662
Budget: BND20++

Food 10/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 9/10
Cost 9/10
Overall 9.25/10