We all know what Lysol’s powers can do – it cleans and disinfects unseen germs around us.
From the event I attended recently, my home & living knowledge expanded as I learned more about the wonders of Lysol and its products.
Lysol, a leading and respected germ-protection brand, advocates a healthy touch to every home. Through their range of cleaning tools, Lysol is able to address what every home needs – a healthy and safe environment for the family. In fact, my room never runs out of stock. If I think the spray can is almost empty, I run to the grocery and get one for my personal use.

Lysol Neutra Air

Few of the products I grew up seeing in our home is Lysol disinfectant sprays. All along, I thought that when you spray Lysol (classic) in a room, it will clean and refresh the air. Sad to say, the reputation of Lysol in my head since childhood is wrong. Lysol we have at home could only clean and disinfect surfaces, not the air. It is the new Lysol Neutra Air that could sanitize air. Lysol Neutra Air clears the air we breathe of odor-causing bacteria. It rejuvenates, revitalizes and energizes our homes without giving harsh chemicals that can irritate our senses.

Mortein Naturgard with Citronella Oil

Another product your home needs is Mortein Naturgard with Citronella Oil, a multi-insect killer and flying insect killers. Imagine insects like cockroaches hanging in your bedroom, it’s a big No No for me!
– water-based and has fewer chemicals than most brands in the market.
– has d-limonene, which gives a pleasant and refreshing natural citrus fragrance.
– kills 2x more pests vs. the leading brand. (based on tests & experiments)

Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes

Ladies and gents on-the-go will appreciate the new Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes. Lysol seeks to provide us the same care it gives to our homes with the newest product in the Philippines. Protecting yourself from germs is now handy as it kills 99.9% (proven and tested) of sickness causing germs and bacteria yet gentle on our skin. Dermatologists tested the product and affirms it can moisturize our face or cleanse our sensitive body parts. Very handy to slip inside our bags.
At Blue Water Day Spa, where the event was held, guests were treated to a de-stressing hand and foot spa… while watching a movie.
One of the unique ways to pamper is combining two of my weaknesses – movie and massage. Hitting two birds with one stone, right?
 After massage, a plate of assorted dishes was laid down waiting for me.
But before touching them with my bare hands, I used Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes to assure a healthy touch. Tissue and disinfectant in one! Without a doubt, this will be added to my everyday grooming kit.
These products are now out in the market to partner with you in maintaining a healthy and germ-protected environment.
Have you tried any of these Lysol products?
Share your thoughts with me! 🙂
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