I love to walk. I love walking around our village. I love walking inside shopping malls. I love it when O asks me to walk with him spontaneously with our humorous yet educational conversations. It feels like an exercise slash my happy pill. I feel like I’m closer to nature when I step out of the car and walk my way to my destination. However, I’m still picky. Walking along EDSA and congested streets in Manila isn’t on my list. I put an X mark on that. Sorry.
When I travel, I prefer walking to explore a city than taking cabs – except if it’s really too far that my legs will sore afterwards. During my recent trip to Hong Kong, I’m glad I found that fondness for walking from my sister, Reine (who is an awesome photographer btw). It’s amazing how she gets my emotions for simply walking and observing a place. We connect in a snap. So, from our 2nd day in Hong Kong, we took some shots of our street life, and of course with some food.
Crepe with Strawberries (HKD 28)
Crepe with Strawberries – In one of the stalls inside New Town Plaza.
Flowers for me? I don’t mind. :p
Japanese Hot Cakes
Japanese Hot Cakes – fluffy and very hot inside.
Squid & Salmon (HKD 36)
Squid and Salmon Yakitori was our precious ally that day.
Hong Kong streets in Mongkok never runs out of people, whether they’re local or foreigner. Based on my observation, 70% are those chinese busy hoarding items inside their luggages.
Shopping never stops in Hong Kong.
To cap off my day, a green tea addict like me relies on any green tea dessert. Cheers to McDonald’s green tea flavored sundae cone!
That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more! 🙂
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Pray, Eat and Love.
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